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Kino \Ki"no\, n. The dark red dried juice of certain plants, used variously in tanning, in dyeing, and as an astringent in medicine.

Note: The chief supply is from an East Indian leguminous tree, the Pterocarpus Marsupium. Other sources are the African Pterocarpus erinaceus, the tropical American sea grape ( Coccoloba uvifera), and several Australian Eucalypti. See Botany bay kino, under Botany bay, Gum butea, under Gum, and Eucalyptus.


Etymology 1 n. (context seduction community English) Physical contact with another person, touch. Etymology 2

n. (context archaic English) The dark red dried juice of certain plants, used in tanning and dyeing and as an astringent in medicine.

  1. n. obtained from various tropical plants; used as an astringent and in tanning [syn: gum kino, kino gum]

  2. East Indian tree yielding a resin or extract often used medicinally and in e.g. tanning [syn: Pterocarpus marsupium]


KINO (1230 AM, "Route 66 Radio") is a radio station licensed to serve Winslow, Arizona, USA. The station is owned by Sunflower Communications, Inc. It airs a Country music format. Other programming consists of local news, weather, and sports. Especially popular are live broadcasts of Winslow High School Bulldog Sports.

The station was assigned the KINO call letters by the Federal Communications Commission.

Kino (software)

Kino was a free software GTK+-based video editing software application for Linux and other Unix-like operating systems. The development of Kino was started at the end of 2000 by Dan Dennedy and Arne Schirmacher. The project's aim was: "Easy and reliable DV editing for the Linux desktop with export to many usable formats." The program supported many basic and detailed audio/video editing and assembling tasks.

Kino has been included in several Linux distributions, including Debian, Puppy Linux and Ubuntu. BSD ports are also available.

Development towards major feature implementations in Kino was slowed due to the lead developer, Dan Dennedy's inclination towards the development of Media Lovin' Toolkit. Dennedy indicated when he released Kino 1 that he was returning to work on the MLT Framework to support Kdenlive (another Linux non-linear digital video editor), "since its latest version shows much promise."

As of August 5, 2013, the official website for Kino indicated that the project is "dead" and that users should try alternative software.

Kino (band)

Kino ( " film", also "cinema", often written uppercase, ; pronounced ) was an iconic Soviet post-punk band headed by Viktor Tsoi. It was one of the most famous rock groups in the Soviet Union.

Kino (movement)

Kino is a movement created as a means of providing both amateur and professional filmmakers with a place to create and screen their short-films. Kino Kabaret is a type of innovative film-making lab where invited artists create films in a mindset of spontaneity and collaboration. The production method utilizes principles of non-competitive work to encourage co-creation. Surprisingly, this unique concept became a resounding success, and is largely responsible for Kino groups or cells rapidly multiplying around the world. Founded in a spirit of collaboration and motivation, the movement stimulates the production of short-films by small crews with little to no budget. Kino is divided into individual cells, or chapters, most of which have a monthly screening where member directors can screen their films and usually organize Kino kabarets once in a year.

Kino (UK rock band)

Kino was a British neo-progressive rock band made up of members from other progressive rock acts ( John Mitchell from Arena and The Urbane; Pete Trewavas from Marillion and Transatlantic; John Beck from It Bites; Bob Dalton also from It Bites; Chris Maitland formerly of Porcupine Tree).

The band released their debut album Picture in February 2005.

The band now appears to be inactive, Mitchell having joined Beck and Dalton in the re-formed It Bites, replacing original singer/guitarist Francis Dunnery, touring in 2006 and releasing 2 albums., and the band no longer appearing on InsideOut music's website.

Kino (gum)

Kino is the name of the plant gum produced by various plants and trees, particularly Eucalyptus, in reaction to mechanical damage, and which can be tapped by incisions made in the trunk or stalk. Its red colour, together with the tendency of some species to ooze large amounts of it from wounds, is the source of the common names "red gum" and "bloodwood". The word “kino” is of West African origin.

Kino (album)

Kino , known by fans as Chorny albom (, meaning "The Black Album") is the eighth and final studio album of the Soviet rock group Kino. It was released in December 1990 by Metadigital on vinyl. The rough demo version was recorded in the Latvian village Plieņciems shortly before the death of the frontman Viktor Tsoi in a car crash. The remaining members of Kino decided to complete the album as the tribute to Tsoi.

The moderator of the TV show Дети минут (Children of the Minute), album's producer Yuri Aizenshpis said that the demo tape was in Tsoi's death car and survived. But the guitarist Yury Kasparyan disputed this and stated that it was in his own car.

It was originally released on vinyl by the studio Metadigital in December 1990. On this original vinyl issue, no track names were given, just the text Producer: Yu. Aizenshpis and a photo of the band. A lyric sheet was included, but the songs were just titled 1 through 8. The track names were revealed on the 1994 CD reissue on Moroz.

Usage examples of "kino".

While Juana prepares breakfast of corncake and pulque, Kino watches "with the detachment of God" as some ants try to outsmart each other in the dirt.

He has the trappings of the rich, whereas you have seen that Kino eats corncake in the dirt, near a fire, wrapped in an old blanket.

The Indian Pharmacopceia recognizes this kind and also Bengal Kino are recognized, and in the United States other kinds are official as well as these two.

Botany Bay, Australian or Eucalyptus Kino from different species of Eucalyptus.

But Kino never has the chance to find out if money buys happiness.

Proudhon, Bellamy, Hudson, Kaif, 47 Ronin, Makoto, Kino Doku, Ka Ko, Mondragon.

Red Gum is official in Great Britain, being imported from Australia, though the Kino generally employed here as the official drug is derived from Pterocarpus Marsupium, a member of the order Leguminosae, East Indian, or Malabar Kino, and is administered in doses of 5 to 20 grains powdered, or 1/2 to 1 drachm of the tincture.

Kino is the inspissated juice of the Bastard Teak (Pterocarpus marsupium) obtained from incisions made in the trunk.