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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ If there's a kink in the hose, you won't get any water.
▪ There's only one minor kink remaining to be discussed in the contract.
▪ There was a kink in the path just before the bridge.
▪ But Internet sales are being delayed until kinks can be smoothed out, as well as security issues.
▪ But not killed: instead it put a uniform kink in their spins.
▪ I cheer as Reeves insists on voting for himself, stubbornly and gleefully throwing a kink into already gummy works.
▪ In most instances, a kink will produce a slight burr on the surface which can be smoothed out.
▪ It took nine years of cutting to work out all the kinks in his technique.
▪ Something to do with the kinks and chemicals in our brains that give us the Talent.
▪ There was a very obvious kink where the avenue made a bend to avoid some particularly valuable eighteenth-century houses.
▪ Multi-strand, flexible, steel cable is particularly suited to winching because it does not kink so easily.
▪ Was her own brain kinking her around, or was Daine trying to tie her mental patterns in knots?
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Kink \Kink\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Kinked; p. pr. & vb. n. Kinking.] To wind into a kink; to knot or twist spontaneously upon itself, as a rope or thread.


Kink \Kink\, n. [Cf. Chincough, Kink-haust.] A fit of coughing; also, a convulsive fit of laughter.


Kink \Kink\, n. [D. kink a bend or turn, or Sw. kink.]

  1. A twist or loop in a rope or thread, caused by a spontaneous doubling or winding upon itself; a close loop or curl; a doubling in a cord.

  2. An unreasonable notion; a crotchet; a whim; a caprice. [Colloq.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1670s, a nautical term, from Dutch kink "twist in a rope" (also found in French and Swedish), probably related to Old Norse kikna "to bend backwards, sink at the knee" (see kick). Figurative sense of "odd notion, mental twist" first recorded in American English, 1803, in writings of Thomas Jefferson. As a verb, 1690s, from the noun.


Etymology 1 n. A convulsive fit of coughing or laughter; a sonorous indraft of breath; a whoop; a gasp of breath caused by laughing, coughing, or crying. vb. 1 To laugh loudly. 2 To gasp for breath as in a severe fit of coughing. Etymology 2

n. 1 A tight curl, twist, or bend in a length of thin material, hair etc. 2 A difficulty or flaw that is likely to impede operation, as in a plan or system. 3 An unreasonable notion; a crotchet; a whim; a caprice. 4 (context slang countable and uncountable English) peculiarity or deviation in sexual behaviour or taste. 5 (context Scotland dialect English) A fit of coughing or laughter. 6 (context mathematics English) A positive 1-soliton solution to the Sine–Gordon equation vb. 1 (context transitive English) To form a kink or twist. 2 (context intransitive English) To be formed into a kink or twist.


n. a sharp bend in a line produced when a line having a loop is pulled tight [syn: twist, twirl]

  1. v. curl tightly; "crimp hair" [syn: crimp, crape, frizzle, frizz, kink up]

  2. form a curl, curve, or kink; "the cigar smoke curled up at the ceiling" [syn: curl, curve]


Kink or KINK may refer to:

Kink (sexual)

In human sexuality, kinkiness is any un conventional sexual practices, concepts or fantasies. The term derives from the idea of a "bend" (cf. a "kink") in one's sexual behaviour, to contrast such behaviour with "straight" or "vanilla" sexual mores and proclivities. The term kink has been claimed by some who practice sexual fetishism as a term or synonym for their practices, indicating a range of sexual and sexualistic practices from playful to sexual objectification and certain paraphilias.

Kink sexual practices go beyond what are considered conventional sexual practices as a means of heightening the intimacy between sexual partners. Some draw a distinction between kink and fetishism, defining the former as enhancing partner intimacy, and the latter as replacing it. Because of its relation to "normal" sexual boundaries, which themselves vary by time and place, the definition of what is and is not kink varies widely as well.

Kink (film)

Kink is a 2013 American documentary, produced by James Franco about the BDSM website

Usage examples of "kink".

The kink is one of those anomalies that reinforces a theory because, in retrospect, it should have been predictable.

Strange energistic vortices swirled around the dimensional twist where the two continua intermingled, kinking reality.

Cait stretched out the kinks in her back, then sat down with her back against the cart and looked back.

Her shoulders were so tight she had to roll them to get the kinks out.

With only a little help from him, she had dismounted and gone through a series of stretching exercises designed, he surmised, to work out the kinks in her spine.

Fortunately I was mounted on one of the best horses in my string, and having the farthest to go, shook the kinks out of him as old Paul and myself tore down the mesa.

She stretched the kinks out of her back, then looked distastefully at her sodden boots, and walked barefoot to the firepit.

By the time everything was back to normal and he was ready to stretch the kinks out of his joints, a movement across the circle caught his eye.

She waited until she heard the howls a few streets over, then unfolded slowly from the squat, tightened and loosened her muscles a few times to work the kinks out, slipped across the street and moved along the wall until she reached the area where the Soak had disappeared.

I was sitting in a fingerbowl, getting some of the kinks out of my spine and other assorted parts when a really odd match-up came strolling in.

British rock became the dominant popular music on the planet for more than a decade: Eric Clapton, David Bowie, Pete Townshend, all of the Pink Floyd, Keith Richards, Ron Wood, Ray and Dave Davies of the Kinks, Jeff Beck and Eric Burdon, to name only the most famous.

From the top of the fused and enclosed kettles came a pipelike copper spout with several odd turns and kinks in it.

Every one of them began practicing, to work out the kinks incurred during this latest layoff, and to experiment with new tricks and turns.

The line-abreast formation was levelling up, as some ships cut revs and others increased slightly, to get the kinks out.

It was the same old Alana he was seeing, looking just the way she had during those first few firing drills in the armory, when she was trying to work the kinks out of her reflexes.