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n. (abbreviationkilocycle)


n. one thousand periods per second [syn: kilohertz, kHz, kilocycle per second, kilocycle]


KC or Kc may refer to:

KC (internet service provider)

KC as an ISP was initially created under the brand name Karoo and was initially started as a Virtual ISP of Planet Online. Shortly after its creation as a vISP and fuelled by demand it created its own independent infrastructure and became an internet service provider in the United Kingdom. Formed in 1996 by Kingston Communications, a subsidiary of the KCOM Group, it primarily serves consumers in Kingston upon Hull and the surrounding area with its head office based in the city.

Hull has remained an exception within the UK telephone network, being the only place in the UK not served by BT and is noted for its distinctive cream coloured telephone boxes and innovative services.

KC (album)

KC is a pop rock album by Filipina singer-songwriter KC Concepcion and is her second studio album. "Tayo Na", "Takipsilim" and "Worth the Wait" are all original compositions by KC Concepcion.

The album was certified 2× Platinum in the Philippines. The album has twelve tracks, three of which, "Not Like the Movies", "Takipsilim" and "After the End" were released as singles. "Not Like the Movies" and "After the End" were written by Jaye Muller and Ben Patton, while "Takipsilim", "Worth the Wait", "Magandang Umaga" were written by Concepcion.