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n. A shrub (taxlink Catha edulis species noshow=1) whose leaves are used as a mild stimulant when chewed or brewed as tea; also a drug produced from this plant.


n. the leaves of the shrub Catha edulis which are chewed like tobacco or used to make tea; has the effect of a euphoric stimulant; "in Yemen kat is used daily by 85% of adults" [syn: kat, qat, quat, cat, Arabian tea, African tea]


KHAT (1210 AM) is a radio station broadcasting a Country music format. Licensed to Laramie, Wyoming, USA. The station is currently owned by Appaloosa Broadcasting Company, Inc.

Khat (apparel)

The khat was a head cloth worn by the nobility of Ancient Egypt. Simpler than the nemes head-dress, it did not have pleats or stripes, and hung down open in the back rather than being tied together.

Usage examples of "khat".

She glanced around, at Paitor and the captain, at Dyk and Khat and Mel.

He blinked, and sent a short glance straight to Khat, who caught it, read it, and stepped forward, smooth and soft-footed.

Point won, Khat turned back to the bartender, raised her eyes briefly and expressively at the ceiling, and smiled.

Seeli snapping was Seeli upset, so Khat made allowance and answered civil.

Seeli said, and Khat heard a solid, welcome thump on the table before her.

Seeli only nodded and pointed at the empty chair between Mel and Paitor, which seat Khat took with a fair amount of trepidation.

When it had gone on long enough for Khat to start feeling it in her gut, she stood up and stretched, hands reaching for the ceiling.

Banth Port to Kinaveral and Kinaveral came to look like the garden spot of the universe, Khat thought, throwing her duffle over one shoulder and heading across the wind-scoured tarmac.

Kinaveral Port willfly card, and gave her a key to a sleeping room with its own sonic cleaner, which device Khat made immediate, grateful use of.

Kinaveral-heavy, despite which Khat arrived at the Trade Bar barely winded.

He set her on her feet, keeping a tight grip on her hand, and turned to give Khat a grin and an extravagant salute.

Assuming Khat managed to get off Port in one piece, and without acquiring a Liaden knife in her back.

She returned it with an expression of wide innocence Khat would have paid hard credit to possess.

It was a small group at the main lock: Khat, Iza, and Uncle Paitor to witness his farewell.

No problem for the applicant on that approach, Khat thought, walking down the dusty, noisy main street.