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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Kat \Kat\ (k[aum]t), n. (Bot.) An Arabian shrub ( Catha edulis) the leaves of which are used as tea by the Arabs.


n. (alternative spelling of khat English)


n. the leaves of the shrub Catha edulis which are chewed like tobacco or used to make tea; has the effect of a euphoric stimulant; "in Yemen kat is used daily by 85% of adults" [syn: khat, qat, quat, cat, Arabian tea, African tea]


Kät may refer to:

  • the stage name of the Swiss singer, Katharina Michel
  • the shorthand name for the Ore Mountain festival called the Annaberger Kät
Kat (band)

Kat is a Polish heavy metal band formed in 1979 in Katowice, Poland. They have been accused, mainly by the Polish media, of promoting Satanism.

In Polish "kat" means executioner. KAT is one of the most important bands in Polish heavy metal overall, and is also mentioned as one of the main precursors of thrash and even black metal genres in this country. KAT's most famous album is Oddech wymarłych światów (The Breath of Extinct Worlds), considered an opus of Polish heavy metal.

The band is best known for tracks "Czas zemsty" (Time of revenge), "Łza dla cieniów minionych" (A tear for the shadows gone), "Wyrocznia" (Oracle) and "Noce Szatana " (The nights of Satan).

Usage examples of "kat".

Friday, November 4 2244 hours Landing zone in hills Near Chah Bahar, Iran Murdock watched as Magic and Kat both ran to the open door of the Seahawk while the rotors whirled.

And she could not get comfort from Kat because she and Blanche had never told Mistress Champernowne about the attack on her.

Lady Daws stated, her voice low and ever cultured, but carrying with it such malice that Kat was chilled.

After ushering Kat and Leslie inside, he quickly cleared the dinette table.

Kat slid onto the opposite dinette bench, then picked up one of the sandwiches.

Across from her, Kat slumped into the dinette seat, her long legs stretched to rest in the opposite bench.

Somewhere deep inside me the real Kat Crosse was gibbering with fear, but the primitive will to survive that exists in everyone had switched me onto fashionista autopilot.

Gil lost its favorite belt and when that was found, Kat started drinking bowls of water until Fok stopped that, and hauled Kat off to drain.

Kat adjusted the primary gobo lamp at his far left to add more definition to the shadow cast by the impressive ridge of his cock.

Kat adjusted the gobo to highlight the fine hairs covering his ass and disappearing into the recesses of his crack.

Once seated at their table, he learned that Rob and Kat Hupp had a contagious happiness about them that drew others into their clowning and repartee.

Alara made it through a year early, and Kristen, Kole, and Katen lagged behind because they lost a year to the scarlet fever.

Phyllis Neese, Carol Sorsoleil, Paul and Jane McCullough, Lockwood and Darlene Carlson, Judy Roh-de, Lee Carlson, Kat Carlson, Kay Marquez, Jean Thomas, Lee Perish, and the rest.

Kat had never thought of herself as an ogler, but here she was practically drooling at the man she saw smiling rakishly at the camera.

He could hear Spunky yelping inside the house, and he knew that if Kat had heard him calling for her, she would have come out to meet him.