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n. 1 (plural of keg English)Category:English plurals 2 (context plurale tantum Northern England English) underpants. 3 (context plurale tantum Northern England English) trousers (gloss: pants).


KEGS, channel 7, was a television station in Goldfield, Nevada that served both the Reno and Las Vegas markets by way of translators KRRI-LP channel 25 in Reno and KEGS-LP channel 30 in Las Vegas. Like many stations that were owned by Equity Broadcasting, the stations were operated remotely by satellite; their programming could be seen free-to-air on Galaxy 18.

KEGS (emulator)

KEGS is an Apple IIGS emulator for multiple platforms (Linux/Unix and later ports for Mac OS X and Windows). Its acronym stands for Kent's Emulated GS.

It is capable of emulating a IIGS with 8-120 MHz, and runs most applications and games.

A Windows port, KEGS32, is no longer maintained (last updated 2006), as is KEGS-OSX, a Macintosh port. XGS-DOS, an MS-DOS port, was last updated in 1998.

An ActiveX emulator, ActiveGS, built upon KEGS32, allow users to run the program on the webpage as an applet. It also has a standalone version.

Usage examples of "kegs".

It would be a rotten thing indeed to suppose his cheeses were at the bottom of the Oriel or that the kegs, roped together, would drift oceanward on the tide and never be seen again.

Tied to it were all its fellow kegs, some empty, most filled with raisin cheeses, and all, apparently, sound as tubs.

Once out on the river, the two finally relaxed, and Ahab, tired of keeping forever vigilant, fell asleep amid the cheese kegs and empty casks in the hold.

There were a round dozen of the large kegs, and Jonathan, as if to surprise something that might be hiding within, tiptoed toward the closest and reached for the lid.

And actually it didn't, for just as they had ceased shouting, two of the empty kegs which stood against the side of the hold pitched forward and rolled smack up against the bulwark.

What cheered him most though was the string of kegs that trailed behind them, looped together with rope.

Why don't we drag these boats free of the hill and tie this keg line to the coracle with the painter, and perhaps we can tow our kegs to where the piece of raft is.

Jonathan was tempted to pry the lid from one of the kegs of raisin cheese, but he wisely decided otherwise.

If we're going to do that, we might as well just shove the kegs of cheese into the Oriel and walk down.

Ahab looked for a moment as if he were going to do the same, but then leaped up and, with a yip, bounded across to the far side of the raft and began scrabbling furiously at it, sniffing along the kegs on the repaired starboard side.

Once or twice the roped kegs bobbed and bounced so energetically that Jonathan feared they would smash down onto a rock beneath the surface and break to bits.

The Professor insisted he'd seen the kegs drifting off together and that they seemed fairly well intact Sure enough, as they rowed slowly through the muffling fog--the dwarves whistling, then listening for a returning whistle from the schooner--Dooly spied a phantom keg bobbing along on the waters of the bay.

They would return with more kegs of cakes, finally, than the number of kegs of cheese they'd arrived with.

Sometimes they grow a bit later on or change shape, but four kegs of elfin gifts would satisfy all the children in Twombly Town.

You were the one, after all, who saved the kegs after the storm, and you're an altogether fine traveling companion.