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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a beer barrel/keg (=a large container for beer)
▪ They rolled empty beer barrels along the street.
▪ The cold smooth thing I was sitting on was a beer keg, which explained why my bum hurt as well.
▪ Ireland - home, as Joseph called it - had been a powder keg since the Easter Rising three years ago.
▪ The place was a powder keg.
a powder keg
▪ Ireland - home, as Joseph called it - had been a powder keg since the Easter Rising three years ago.
▪ The place was a powder keg.
▪ A keg, its rope cut.
▪ He brewed six kegs for the occasion; only three six-packs remain.
▪ He was able to lift a keg of beer from the floor to the bar.
▪ James Lambert hesitated, turning towards the kegs, from behind which came the sounds of a scuffle.
▪ Should they market keg beers under national brand names or should they return to localised brewing and brand names?
▪ The keg found tied to your father.
▪ The kegs shifted, teetered, fell!
▪ Two suspects in the Stephen Lawrence murder case were fined £100 each for stealing 14 kegs of alcohol.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Keg \Keg\ (k[e^]g), n. [Earlier cag, Icel. kaggi; akin to Sw. kagge.] A small cask or barrel.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1630s, earlier kag (mid-15c.), from a Scandinavian source such as Old Norse kaggi "keg, cask," of unknown origin. Cognate with Swedish kagge, Norwegian kagg. Specific sense of "barrel of beer" is from 1945. U.S. student slang kegger "party featuring a keg of beer" attested by 1969.


n. A round, traditionally wooden container of lesser capacity than a barrel, often used to store beer. vb. (cx transitive English) To store in a keg.

  1. n. the quantity contained in a keg [syn: kegful]

  2. small cask or barrel


A keg is a small barrel.

Traditionally, a wooden keg is made by a cooper and used to transport items such as nails, gunpowder, and a variety of liquids.

More recently, a keg is often constructed of aluminum or steel. It is commonly used to store, transport, and serve beer. Other alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks, carbonated or non-carbonated, may be housed in a keg as well. Such liquids are generally kept under pressure.

Usage examples of "keg".

When they had raised their glasses together, Axel went off to see about a new keg, and the other men turned back to a game of draughts.

Corunna, coming on deck the following morning, found Marvin bargaining with the bumboat men whose small craft, laden with horse-meat, water kegs and newly-caught marine delicacies such as mussels and squid, were clustered at the waist of the Olive Branch like squash seeds floating beside a segment of their parent squash.

He replaced the keg in its chocks with neat precision and waved Zarantha towards the stairs.

It happened, however, that some unneighbourly person sent him notice of a clecking of tea chests, or brandy kegs, at which both Jenny and Betty Pawkie were the howdies.

By the time Asa finished his third helping of cobbler, he felt like he sat in the middle of a powder keg.

Surprise bore down, therefore, under her fighting-sails, with her master at the con, her guns run out, powder-boys sitting well behind them on their leather cartridge-cases, shot-garlands full, splinter-netting rigged, scuttle-butts all along, decks damped and sanded, and wet fearnought screens over the hatches leading to the magazine far below, where the gunner sat among his little deadly kegs.

His chest was as broad and as hard as one of the kegs in the larder, and his curly blond hair looked disheveled no matter how often he wetted or greased it down.

Just the same, Randal scanned the room warily as he and Lys made their way through the close- packed tables to where the landlord stood filling tankards from an open keg.

A fellow was selling nobblers out of a keg of brandy hanging from his neck.

Mackerel Cove was that the Toad, seen aground on the Clamshell June 19 by the Halifax lumberman, and found aground on the same ledge July 11 by the porgy steamer, had remained aground uninterruptedly between those two dates, the crew, meanwhile, consuming the four kegs of rum.

Paul told the negro to pull alongside and have the raftsman open the keg.

No, Keg sent his request for speed through his symbiont interface and the bike leaped forward.

The men exchanged looks, but Keg directed his symbiont to tow them to the base of an overhanging tree growing on a raised bit of swamp land.

At the sound of it the others stirred from their slumber and joined them as Keg directed his symbiont to pull them to shore.

Chardonnay, a puckering rendition of a California varietal she probably bought by the keg.