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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ After all, almost everyone who completes the race gets a free, three-day keepsake.
▪ District councillor Richard Groves presented a photographic keepsake to commercial manager Mel Hunt.
▪ Inaugural Committee organizers, who mailed the invitations in December, said they were meant as keepsakes.
▪ It was rare for corpses to be committed to the grave wearing day-clothes, items of personal jewellery or any other keepsake.
▪ Just a keepsake to remember us by.
▪ Mrs Noble gave Helen, as a keepsake, Edward's last letter to her father.
▪ Or else it might be that Hilbert had left Adam some small memento or keepsake ... Adam was lying late in bed.
▪ Some of the pictures certainly qualify as priceless keepsakes.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Keepsake \Keep"sake`\, n. Anything kept, or given to be kept, for the sake of the giver; a token of friendship.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1790, from keep (v.) + sake; on model of namesake; thus an object kept for the sake of the giver. As an adjective by 1839.


n. 1 Some object given by a person and retained in memory of something or someone; something kept for sentimental or nostalgic reasons. 2 (context historical English) Specifically, a type of literary album popular in the nineteenth-century, containing scraps of poetry and prose, and engravings.


n. something of sentimental value [syn: souvenir, token, relic]

Keepsake (quartet)

Keepsake was an American barbershop quartet from Florida that won the 1992 SPEBSQSA International Barbershop Competition. Members of the quartet are Joe Connelly ( lead), Tony DeRosa ( baritone), Don Barnick ( bass), and Roger Ross ( tenor).

Keepsake (band)

Keepsake was an American emo/ screamo band formed in 1997 by Paul Geller and Shane Halpern in Coral Springs, Florida. After releasing three records on the independent label, Eulogy Recordings, Geller left the band for personal reasons; returning to music years later as a solo act, "Pauly Jett". He also produced three records for Sony Red distributed Undecided Records' artists Shindig, Hearts Over Rome, and Cru Jones. Paul now applies his knowledge of the music industry towards his work as EVP of Information Products at Grooveshark, and performs as a nationally recognized DJ Pauly Crush.

Jesse Kriz was later a part of Actions Speak Louder and Until the End. The other band members have gone on to play in various emo and indie bands.

They also appeared on Punk Goes Pop with the song " The Way You Love Me".

Keepsake (video game)

Keepsake is a point-and-click adventure game developed by Wicked Studios.


Keepsake may refer to:

  • Souvenir, a (small) item that reminds a person of a specific event or time
  • Keepsake (video game), an adventure game
  • Keepsake (quartet), a barbershop quartet
  • Keepsake (band), an influential emo band
  • The Keepsake, a literary annual
  • Giftbook, another name for a giftbook or annual
  • "Keepsake", a track from The Gaslight Anthem's 2012 album, Handwritten
  • Keepsakes (album), a 2006 album by All About Eve

Usage examples of "keepsake".

Tahquil drew out the tattered aulmoniere, one of the few keepsakes she had salvaged from Tamhania.

Great Keepsake, where we wait for Scatty and Lugg, who will come by the fens.

Two souvenir cards showed the Waterholm Winter Festival, one depicted the Wis Waterfall, a wedding keepsake portrayed a bride and groom, and so on.

She had her trophies of seaweeds, and a hoard of shells, and some keepsakes from the beach, a broken glass in a plastic frame, a scent bottle, a crushed and empty can of beer.

She threw the armful of clothes on the bed and walked around the room, touching old mementos and keepsakes as memories sailed through her mind.

His eyes were on Catso, who was systematically emptying the coat and waistcoat pockets and tossing a pathetic collection of keepsakes into the dust on the tunnel floor.

Along the wall opposite stood an open cabinet divided into junk-filled cubbyholes, much of it reminiscent of the stuff in Pillbody's shop --bric-a-brac mostly, travel souvenirs and keepsakes.

I don't know who the Bryson was whom this town was so signally honoring, but I had certainly never seen my name spread around so lavishly, and I regretted that I hadn't brought a crowbar and monkey wrench because many of the signs would have made splendid keepsakes.

Servants and dozens of hired workers were busy emptying the place of the vast amount of antiques, keepsakes, and collectibles Golga had amassed in his too-brief reign as consul general.

For reasons that I have never understood, the French have a particular genius when it comes to tacky religious keepsakes, and in a gloomy shop on a corner of the Place d'Armes, I found one I liked: a plastic model of the Virgin Mary standing with beckoning arms in a kind of grotto fashioned from seashells, miniature starfish, lacy sprigs of dried seaweed and a polished lobster claw.