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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

proprietary name of a brand of canvas sneakers, 1917, registered by United States Rubber Co., N.Y. Based on Latin ped-, stem of pes "foot" (see foot (n.)) "We wanted to call it Peds, but ... it came too close to ... other brand names. So we batted it around for awhile and decided on the hardest-sounding letter in the alphabet, K, and called it Keds, that was in 1916." [J.Healey, in R.L. Cohen, "Footwear Industry," x.93]


alt. Any of the family Hippoboscidae of obligate parasites, especially the (vern: sheep ked), ''Melophagus ovinus''. n. Any of the family Hippoboscidae of obligate parasites, especially the (vern: sheep ked), ''Melophagus ovinus''.


Ked or KED or ked may refer to:

  • Ked (village), a village of Jhunjanu district, Rajasthan
  • Keds (shoes), a brand of footwear
  • Kendrick Extrication Device
  • Hippoboscidae, a parasitic louse fly

Usage examples of "ked".

I also noticed he never ked the most obvious question of all: whether we had seen Lise awthorne.

Breasts which Saskia could quite easily ee were na ked and unfettered beneath the fine cotton shirt she was wearing.

He paused once at the door ked back, forever etching in her mind the image scraping for dignity, a man ultimately alone.

She saw immediately that most of the other girls were wearing flip-flops or running shoes, but she figured her white Keds fit in fine with the running shoes.

She took her Keds off and got under the covers with him, still in her jeans, socks, and sweatshirt.

Made himself climb, despite the tendency of hands and Keds to slip in the red liquid that covered the ledge.

Not PF Flyers, the shoes that would have allowed me to run faster, jump higher, and sculpt the froth of space-time, but just an old pair of Keds with frayed laces.

I lowered my head, letting the summer sun beat at my neck, watched my Keds kicking at pebbles, and walked past the doorless and windowless houses, moving toward the cloud-white 1960 Dodge Dart sitting in the driveway of the pink stucco, three-bedroom, two-bathroom, ranch style house -- the only car anywhere on Aurora Drive.

I looked down into the hole for a moment, not at the dirt and rocks, but at his shoes, an old pair of Keds, and then at his gray socks and at the cuffs of his jeans.

I walked past the car, moving fast, my Keds kicking at the pea gravel.

We wore the same Keds, the same gray socks, and the same cuffed jeans.

Ruby takes off her white Keds and lines them up next to each other under the big galvanized sink.

She puts on her green skirt and her cotton blouse, leaves the white Keds under the sink, puts on her flat black shoes.

In the morning she made the bed but, after breakfast, sometimes went to lie on it again, leaving her tiny white Keds neatly on the carpet and closing the shades.

She was wearing an oversized white sweatshirt that hung low over black tights and white Keds tennis shoes.