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KBX may refer to:

  • 1kbx, a Protein Data Bank structure that is part of the Aspartate protease protein family of eukaryotic protease enzymes
  • kbx, the ISO 639-3 language code for Ap Ma, one of the SepikÔÇôRamu languages spoken in Papua New Guinea
  • KBX, a classification used by the Library of Congress Classification system, denoting Canon law of Protestant churches
  • KBX solution, a prescription compound consisting of a mixture of equal parts Kaopectate, Benadryl elixir, and Xylocaine, used for pain associated with oral mucositis 1
  • KBX (the Kelly Bass), a 4-string electric bass made by Jackson Guitars
  • KBX, the UK National Rail code for the Kirby Cross railway station
  • PH-KBX, the Aircraft registration of the Fokker 70 operated by The Netherlands government for the Dutch Royal family and government officials