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KBFX may refer to:

  • KBFX-CD, a television station (channel 29) licensed to serve Bakersfield, California, United States
  • KBFX (FM), a radio station (100.5 FM) licensed to Anchorage, Alaska, United States
  • KBFX (KDE), a software allowing K Desktop Environment to use a new menu

KBFX is an application written in C++/ Qt for KDE 3.2+ and offers an alternative to the default K Logo menu.

It improves users' experience by replacing the Win95-like K-Logo button and menu with a larger and thus more visible start button and menu. It does however keep the traditional KDE menu as an option. It is fully skinable.


KBFX (100.5 FM, "The Fox") is a commercial classic rock music radio station in Anchorage, Alaska.