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n. (plural of kay English), the name of the letter K.


Kays or KAYS may refer to:

  • KAYS (AM), a radio station (1400 AM) licensed to Hays, Kansas, United States
  • the ICAO code for Waycross-Ware County Airport in Waycross, Georgia, United States
  • Kays Catalogues, a former UK mail order catalogue, based primarily in Worcester and Leeds, which merged with Littlewoods in 2005
  • Kay's Naturals, an American food manufacturer which manufactures gluten free products

KAYS 1400AM is a radio station airing an oldies format of songs from the 1950s to the 1980s, based in Hays, Kansas, USA. It is owned by Eagle Communications Inc.

Eagle Communications owns 28 radio stations in Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska and provides broadband Internet, cable television and telephone services in 29 Kansas communities and Wray, Colorado. Eagle's corporate offices are also in Hays, Kansas.

One of the oldest radio stations in western Kansas, KAYS-AM first signed on the air in 1948.

Usage examples of "kays".

Over long winters and too-short summers, it has driven the snow on the north side into ice covered with hardpack, covered in turn with shifting, drifting, and treacherous powder that flows downward for kays into the top of the forest below.

The morning will be early, and he has hundreds of kays upon hundreds of kays to go before he can escape the regent of Westwind and the Marshall of the Roof of the World.

In the lingering light, he has walked perhaps another four kays along the gently turning road.

How many kays has he covered in the more than eight days since he threw himself off the Roof of the World?