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fem. proper name, often a shortening of Katherine. As a given name for girls, from 1890s in the U.S.; in the top 100 for girls born there 1936-1945.


alt. (context colloquial English) (abbreviation of okay English) interj. (context colloquial English) (abbreviation of okay English) n. 1 (Latn-def en name K k) 2 (context colloquial English) A kilometer.

Kay -- U.S. County in Oklahoma
Population (2000): 48080
Housing Units (2000): 21804
Land area (2000): 918.704997 sq. miles (2379.434917 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 26.418598 sq. miles (68.423852 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 945.123595 sq. miles (2447.858769 sq. km)
Located within: Oklahoma (OK), FIPS 40
Location: 36.775009 N, 97.166108 W
Kay, OK
Kay County
Kay County, OK

The name Kay (/kay/) is found both as a surname (see Kay (surname)) and as a given name. In English-speaking countries, it is usually a female name, often a short form of Katherine or one of its variants; but, it is also used as a first name in its own right, and (more often in non-English speakers) as a boy's name (for example in India). The alternative spelling of Kaye is encountered as a surname, but also occasionally as a given name; for instance, actress Kaye Ballard.

Kay (surname)
This article is about people having the surname Kay. For Kay as a given name, and other uses of the word Kay, see Kay (disambiguation)

Kay is a surname, and may refer to

  • Alan Kay, American computer scientist and visionary
  • Alex J. Kay, British historian
  • Alexander Kay, British television presenter
  • Andrew Kay, American computer company CEO
  • Antony Kay, English footballer (see also Tony Kay below)
  • Barry Kay, Australian scenery and costume designer; photographer
  • Beatrice Kay, American actress
  • Ben Kay, English rugby player
  • Bernard Kay, British actor
  • Connie Kay, American jazz drummer
  • Crystal Kay, J-pop singer
  • David Kay, American scientist
  • Dianne Kay, American actress
  • Don Kay, Tasmanian composer
  • Doug Kay, football coach
  • Elizabeth Kay, British writer
  • Guy Gavriel Kay, Canadian fantasy writer
  • Hadley Kay, Canadian voice actor
  • Jackie Kay, British poet and author
  • James Ellsworth De Kay, American zoologist
  • James Phillips Kay-Shuttleworth, British physician and politician
  • Janet Kay, British singer of Jamaican descent
  • Jason Kay, British singer Jay Kay of band ( Jamiroquai)
  • John Kay (disambiguation), one of several people including
    • John Kay (flying shuttle) (1704–1780), English inventor of textile machinery, notably the flying shuttle
    • John Kay (spinning frame) (17??-17??), English developer of textile machinery, notably the spinning frame (not the same as John Kay immediately above)
    • John Kay (caricaturist) (1742–1826), Scottish caricaturist
    • Sir John Kay (judge) (1943–2004), Lord Justice of the Court of Appeal of England and Wale
    • John Kay (musician) (born 1944), musician and lead singer of Canadian rock band Steppenwolf
    • John Kay (poet) (14th century), English poet laureate
    • John Kay (economist) (born 1948), Scottish economist, Financial Times columnist and author
    • John Kay (journalist) (born 1944), British journalist on Rupert Murdoch's The Sun
  • Joseph Kay, British economist
  • Karen Kay, British entertainer and mother of Jay Kay
  • Kathie Kay, Scottish singer
  • Kay Kay, Indian playback singer
  • Kelly Kay, British model
  • Lesli Kay, American actress
  • Lily E. Kay, historian of science
  • Lisa Kay, actress
  • Manuela Kay, German writer and journalist
  • Marshall Kay, American geologist
  • Melody Kay, American actress
  • Michael Kay, American radio and television personality, announcer for the New York Yankees (YES Network)
  • Michael Howard Kay, British software developer
  • Neal Kay, British DJ
  • Norman Kay (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Paul Kay, American linguist
  • Phil Kay, Scottish stand-up comedian
  • Peter Kay, British comedian
  • Ray Kay, Norwegian film director
  • Robert Kay (disambiguation)
  • Scott Kay, Jewelry Designer
  • Sonny Kay, American record label owner
  • Sumela Kay, Canadian actress
  • Susan Kay, writer
  • Tony Kay, English footballer (see also Antony Kay above)
  • Ughtred Kay-Shuttleworth, 1st Baron Shuttleworth
  • Ulysses Kay, American composer
  • Vanessa Kay, American model and actress
  • Vernon Kay (born 1974), British television presenter
  • Wendell P. Kay (1913-1986), American attorney and politician
  • William Kay (disambiguation)
Kay (song)

"Kay" is a song written by Hank Mills and recorded by John Wesley Ryles. It was released in late 1968 by Columbia Records as Ryles' debut single.

Kay (singer)

Kay Boutilier (born July 31, 1985) better known by her stage name, My Name Is Kay, or just simply as Kay, is a Canadian singer and songwriter. Born and raised in Reserve Mines, Nova Scotia, she left Cape Breton Island after graduating from Holy Angels High School in 2005. A struggling artist, Kay eventually moved to Vancouver, B.C., and turned to the Internet to widen her audience and increase her chances of being discovered. Her first music video, released for her debut single “ My Name Is Kay”, turned into a YouTube sensation, with hits topping 480,000. The song also charted on the Canadian Hot 100, debuting at No. 80, and peaking at No. 63.

She has opened for such artists as Hedley and LMFAO.

Kay (vizier)

Kay was an Ancient Egyptian official living most likely in the Fifth Dynasty. He is mainly known from his mastaba in Saqqara North. Kay hold a high number of important titles making him the most powerful of his time, only second to the king. His main office was that of a vizier. Beside being vizier, he was also holding many other important titles, such as Overseer of the treasuries, overseer of the scribes of the king's document, overseer of the six big houses and overseer of all royal works of the king. His mastaba in Saqqara was recorded by Gaston Maspero who assigned to it the number D 19. Kay was bearing 51 titles, making him the vizier with the highest numbers of titles. Kay was the first Egyptian official with the title overseer of the six big houses. The office became in the later Fifth and in the Sixth Dynasty one of the most important ones at the royal court.

The dating of Kay is uncertain. No biography is preserved in his tomb, no king's name is mentioned. A date to the middle of the Fifth Dynasty has been proposed. Others prefer a date to the early Fifth Dynasty.

Usage examples of "kay".

He was Kaid, he was Basha, he was master of all men within a circuit of thirty miles, but he was afraid of this man whom the people called a prophet.

And when he had passed out of the province of Tetuan into the bashalic of El Kasar, the bareheaded country-people of the valley of the Koos hastened before him to the Kaid of that grey town of bricks and storks and palm-trees and evil odours, and the Kaid, with another notion of his errand, came to the tumble-down bridge to meet him on his approach in the early morning.

Kay had recently installed bifold doors so that she could close off the bedroom from the living area, but now Cindy saw that they were open.

The biologist held his hand out towards the switch but Kay Bear held it back.

He recognised his dear Guenever, and her dear friend Sir Launcelot, and Sir Cawline and his lady, and Sir Gawaine and Sir Kay and many other valiant and courteous knights and ladies bright of blee, and last not least in love his butler Bedevere.

Arthur grinned and began in the well-remembered singsong voice: Barbara Celarent Darii Ferioque Prioris, while Kay sang the next four lines with him antiphonically.

Abends, als der kleine Kay zu Hause und halb ausgezogen war, kletterte er auf den Stuhl am Fenster und guckte zu dem kleinen Loch hinaus.

The Dawnstar is anchored off the Feyn River a good hundred kays south, where Lydya and a group of guards are gathering wild herbs and other edibles that the schooner can transport more easily than horses could haul across the rugged terrain.

It was a dinner party I attended-along with such diverse and interesting Republican movers and shakers as George Will, Paul Gigot, Kay Bailey Hutchinson, Trent Lott, Dick Cheney, Bill Kristol, Christine Whitman, and others-at the Huffington Mansion in Washington.

He had matched Tassa Kay shot for shot, trading tips, technical facts and history in between rounds of Glengarry amber.

The cold rain gusted in icy drops from an ever-darker sky, and I looked for some sort of shelter, but the road stretched straight ahead, level, for at least another five kays, bordered by the same tumbled stone fences, the same withered grasses, and the same distant and scattered sheep.

Bettik, Rachel and Theo, George and Jigme, Kuku and Kay, Chim Din and Gyalo Thondup, Lhomo and Labsang, Kim Byung-Soon and Viki Groselj, Kenshiro and Haruyuki, Master Abbot Kempo Ngha Wang Tashi and his master, the young Dalai Lama, Voytek Majer and Janusz Kurtyka, brooding Rimsi Kyipup and grinning Changchi Kenchung, the Dorje Phamo the Thunderbolt Sow and Carl Linga William Eiheji.

David Lean, Ronald Neame, Anthony Havelock-Allan, Cecil McGivern, Kay Walsh, from the novel by Charles Dickens - Dir.

Phyllis Neese, Carol Sorsoleil, Paul and Jane McCullough, Lockwood and Darlene Carlson, Judy Roh-de, Lee Carlson, Kat Carlson, Kay Marquez, Jean Thomas, Lee Perish, and the rest.

Texans are accustomed to brawls, duke-outs, and generally peppy politics, but the firestorm of boredom engulfing the less-than-titanic contest between Kay Bailey Hutchison, a carefully moderate-by-Texas-standards Republican, and Bob Krueger, an adequate Democrat, threatened to rage out of control.