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KALO is a non-commercial, independent Religious broadcasting television station serving Honolulu, Hawaii. The One Love Outreach, Inc. station operates at digital channel 38. They can also be seen over most of the state on Oceanic Cable channel 25, with the exception of Hawai'i Island (the "Big Island"), where KALO is not available at all.

Usage examples of "kalo".

The first sign of trouble had been Kalo waving a tattered red umbrella and chasing his four attack dogs along the inside perimeter of the fence.

Once the Rottweilers were secured on leashes, Kalo had hustled them into the camper truck and locked the tailgate.

Julian Epstein, Perry Apelbaum, Ted Kalo, Scott Deutchman, Sampak Garg, and everyone from the House Judiciary Committee are just the greatest.

Sparing no time for pleasantries, he had come straight to the point, sending Herb Kalo hurrying back to his office to retrieve a neatly folded fan of paper.

It is inhabited by the Bulaa, Babaka, Kamali, and Kalo tribes, which all speak dialects of one language.

The village or town of Kalo, built at the base of the peninsula, close to the mouth of the Vanigela or Kemp Welch River, is said to be the wealthiest village in British New Guinea.

The inhabitants of Kalo possess gardens, where the rich alluvial soil produces a superabundance of coco-nuts, bananas, yams, sweet potatoes, and taro.

The Hermes of Kalos stood in a marble shrine in Corinth, and the Pallas of Musides surmounted a pillar in Athens near the Parthenon.

All men paid homage to Kalos and Musides, and marvelled that no shadow of artistic jealousy cooled the warmth of their brotherly friendship.

Idle folk, indeed, said that Kalos conversed with the spirits of the grove, and that his statues were but images of the fauns and dryads he met there for he patterned his work after no living model.

Exalted beyond thought would be he whose work should gain acceptance, and for this honor Kalos and Musides were invited to compete.

Not from each other did Kalos and Musides conceal their work, but the sight was for them alone.

Musides sought the banquet halls of Tegea whilst Kalos wandered alone in the olive Grove.

Musides ever granted his requests, though his eyes filled with visible tears at the thought that Kalos should care more for the fauns and the dryads than for him.

At last the end drew near, and Kalos discoursed of things beyond this life.