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Kalindoia ( Greek: ) was an ancient Bottiaean city in Mygdonia (modern Thessaloniki regional unit, Kalamoto village). Kalindoia is first reported in the Athenian-Bottiaean alliance of 422 BC and later in the Epidaurian list of Theorodokoi of 360/59 BC. The name of Theodorokos was Pausanias, possibly the same as Pausanias, the pretender to the Macedonian throne in 368 and 360 BC. It was refounded as a Macedonian city in the late 4th century BC. A dedicatory inscription to Apollo was found at Toumbes Kalamotou; it records a list of priests of Asclepius (archpriest Agathanor) who had fulfilled their duties from the time when King Alexander gave Kalindoia to Makedones. Priests of Asclepius were frequently eponymous officials ( archontes) in Macedon.