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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Archon \Ar"chon\, n. [L. archon, Gr. ?, ?, ruler, chief magistrate, p. pr. of ? to be first, to rule.] (Antiq.) One of the chief magistrates in ancient Athens, especially, by pre["e]minence, the first of the nine chief magistrates. -- Ar*chon"tic, a.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

one of the nine chief magistrates of ancient Athens, 1650s, from Greek arkhon "ruler," noun use of present participle of arkhein "to rule," from PIE *arkhein- "to begin, rule, command," a "Gk. verb of unknown origin, but showing archaic Indo-European features ... with derivatives arkhe, 'rule, beginning,' and arkhos, 'ruler' " [Watkins].\n


n. 1 A chief magistrate of ancient Athens. 2 A ruler, head of state or other leader. 3 (context gnosticism English) A supernatural being subordinate to the Demiurge.


Archon ( Greek ἄρχων arkhon; pl. ἄρχοντες) is a Greek word that means "ruler" or "lord," frequently used as the title of a specific public office. As civic and religious leaders, Archons were responsible for organizing theatrical performances during festivals through playwrights and choregai (wealthy citizen patrons). It is the masculine present participle of the verb stem ἀρχ-, meaning "to rule," derived from the same root as '' monarch. ''

Archon (disambiguation)

Archon (Gr. αρχων, pl. αρχοντες) is a Greek word that means "ruler" or the like.

Archon may also refer to:

In history:

  • Archon of Pella, a satrap of Babylonia and one of the Diadochi
  • Archon Basileus, a position in the government of classical Athens

Butterflies or moths:

  • Archon (butterfly), a genus of butterfly
  • Archon apollinaris, a butterfly
  • Paysandisia archon, a moth

In fiction:

  • Archon (Dungeons & Dragons), a fantasy race featured in the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game
  • Archons, a villainous race of hyper-dimensional entities from the comic book series The Invisibles
  • Archons, the crew of the U.S.S. Archon in the original Star Trek episode " The Return of the Archons"
  • Archons, the leaders of the Dark Eldar in the tabletop wargame Warhammer 40,000
  • The Archon, the second book of the Oracle Prophecies Trilogy by Catherine Fisher
  • Archons, protoss psionic entities in the StarCraft series
  • Archon, a Tollan equivalent of an attorney in the Stargate SG-1 universe
  • Archons, a group of ancient immortal beings that ruled over the primordial earth in The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel
  • Archon, a city in the province of Black Marsh from the Elder Scrolls game universe
  • Archon, a fictitious rock group featuring in The Equalizer episode "Inner View", notable by their track "Shadow Man"
  • Archon, the title given to the leader of House Steiner in the BattleTech series
  • Archon, the title given to the elected leader and head of state of the Draka in the Domination novels by S. M. Stirling
  • Archons, a mystical creature type aligned with White in Magic: The Gathering, a trading card game
  • Archon, an Angelic Battle-Priest from the videogame Darksiders 2


  • Archon (Gnosticism), a kind of supernatural being, who stood between the human race and a transcendent God
  • Archon (convention), a science fiction/gaming convention held in Collinsville, Illinois
  • Archons of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, an award of merit bestowed by the Patriarch of Constantinople
  • Archon Corporation, a company that has owned casinos and water parks
  • Archon, Aisne, a commune of the Aisne département in northern France
  • Archon (software), open source archival information system
  • Archon X Prize, a genomics contest
  • Archonta, a (possibly obsolete) category of mammals including primates and bats
  • Archon: The Light and the Dark, a video game from the 1980s
    • Archon II: Adept, its sequel
    • Archon Ultra, a 1994 remake of the original 1983 video game
  • ARCHON Directory, a computer directory of UK archive repositories
Archon (Dungeons & Dragons)

In the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, archons are a type of creature. In 1st and 2nd edition, they are powerful lawful good creatures from the upper planes, and in 3rd edition they are celestials. These creatures are sent by higher powers striving for good to aid in battle against the forces of evil. In 4th edition, the term archon instead refers to elemental soldiers of chaos and destruction.

Archon (convention)

Archon is a multigenre convention that has been held annually in Collinsville, Illinois and is hosted by St. Louis Science Fiction, Ltd. It is the largest convention of its type in the St. Louis, Missouri area, bringing a few thousand fans of science fiction, fantasy and horror each year. Archon 40 is scheduled for Sept. 30–Oct. 2, 2016.

Archon (butterfly)

Archon is a genus of Palaearctic swallowtail butterflies in the subfamily Parnassiiinae. Traditionally, only two species have been known: Archon apollinus and Archon apollinaris. Recent studies, however, have given specific status to a third taxon, Archon bostanchii.

Archon (Gnosticism)

An archon, in the Gnosticism of late antiquity, was any of several servants of the Demiurge, the "creator god" that stood between the human race and a transcendent God that could only be reached through gnosis. In this context they have the role of the angels and demons of the Old Testament. They give their name to the sect called Archontics.

The term was taken from the ancient Greek position of office " archon".

Archon (software)

Archon was an open source platform created by the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign which is designed to allow archival repositories to more easily create and publish finding aids to their collections. It was created in response to a lack of easy methods for archivists to publish finding aids online. While the archival community had previously created content and data structures, such as Encoded Archival Description, implementation of these standards was difficult for many in the profession.

The project staff at Archon included Assistant University Archivist and Associate Professor of Library Administration - Chris Prom, Director and Archivist - Scott Schwartz, Lead Developers - Paul Sorensen and Chris Rishel and Developers - Kyle Fox and Mamta Singh.

In 2008, Archon was honoured with the Andrew Mellon Foundation Award for Technology Collaboration.

Beginning in 2009, Archon and Archivists' Toolkit (a similar tool) began the process of merging the two platforms. This new software, ArchivesSpace, was developed in 2012-2013 and had a 1.0 release in September 2013. As of January 2014, Archon has become unsupported software and the project has been merged with ArchivesSpace.

Usage examples of "archon".

His father had never discussed his relationship with the Archon and his Major Domo, and until now, Julian had never given them much thought.

Cassius was designated the new Archon, it hit Janus every bit as hard as it did you.

Since the Archon had no trials scheduled that week and Julian was still officially in mourning, the Major Domo was able to leave them in peace and get some much-needed rest.

Major Domo by at least a full head, the gray-robed Archon was so massive as to make the largest man present look small.

Major Domo and the Imperial family, the Archon proceeded slowly through the crowd toward three ornate thrones set against the far wall.

Cato is preparing the indictments and they should be ready to go to the Archon any time.

He felt a touch on his arm, and looked up to see the Archon again holding out the slate.

I hate to say it, the old Archon knew what he was doing when he designated him.

Julian was talking, the Major Domo had connected the Archon to the monitors and hooked up an intravenous line.

Major Domo had done his best to mitigate the more brutal requirements of his job, and he and the Archon had eventually achieved a degree of mutual respect.

As they descended, the Archon took a deep breath, savoring the night fragrances.

Major Domo shepherded the gray-robed Archon toward one of the waiting flyers.

His Grace, the Archon, who is also known as the Dark Emperor of Nublis.

Dropping into the big chair behind his desk, the Archon pulled off his mask and gloves.

Julian silently complied, the Archon took a long swallow from the glass the Major Domo handed him.