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n. (context musical instruments English) A type of thumb piano, similar to a mbira.

Kalimba (singer)

Kalimba Kadjaly Marichal Ibar, known professionally as Kalimba, is a Mexican singer and voice actor.

Kalimba (disambiguation)

Kalimba may refer to:

  • Kalimba, an African plucked idiophone.
  • Kalimba Marichal (born 1982), a Mexican singer
  • Kalimba (video game) a video game for the Xbox One released in 2014 by Danish developer Press Play
  • " Kalimba (Mr Scruff song)", a song by electronica artist Mr. Scruff on the 2008 album Ninja Tuna.
Kalimba (video game)

Kalimba is a puzzle- platform video game developed for the Xbox One and Microsoft Windows by Danish developer Press Play and published by Microsoft Studios. In the game, initially known as "Project Totem", players must move pieces of a totem pole through various levels while avoiding obstacles.

Usage examples of "kalimba".

Esmeralda felt light-headed and unreal, and somehow everything about Charles Thurston and Kalimba was no longer puzzling or threatening, but funny.

When Esmeralda fumbled, Kalimba took over, and unbuttoned the front of the dress for her, all the way down.

With Aman gone during the day and no one but my leopard Kalimba for company, that old woman drives me mad with her silence.

A gate brushed open at our backs and Kalimba immediately pounced forward, growling.

That he also granted that I should keep Kalimba with me, when any man of my people would have insisted I turn her out into the jungle or make a robe of her, was a greater boon yet.

In this endeavor Kalimba joined him, her spots again streaking to stripes as she launched herself at the men with whom her mistress was locked in combat.

He was clad in a robe of blood red girded with a spotted hide that looked suspiciously like that of Kalimba and he brandished a white-tipped spear.

As soon as she saw Kalimba, she insisted that we be lodged in her personal quarters.

Amollia persuaded Kalimba to allow herself to be stroked and the girl returned the favor by persuading her aunt to grant us an audience.

Five thousand miles from Shabolovka Street, and eight months from the day he had sat in the park making his plans, Mischa Novikov crawled from the scrub and thorn which bordered a dirt road leading to the village of Kalimba, forty miles from the western shore of Lake Victoria.

She could have been on her way again the next day, but she stayed in Kalimba for twelve days, at first simply to give a pint of blood that Dr Giles Pennyfeather needed urgently, and then because he needed help even more urgently than blood.

And she wondered if any of them could have done as well, out here in Kalimba, as Giles Pennyfeather had done.

She got out, released the handbrake, and watched the Chevrolet pitch down on top of the shattered bus, then walked on into Kalimba with one hand pressed over the wound in her buttock.

Remember those two men who came and knocked you about in Kalimba, the ones who wanted to know if that unknown foreigner had said anything to you?

Not only prints: incomplete sets of Conrad and Scott, African kalimbas, a glass harmonica assembled from kit, dancing bears and Uncle Sams that swallowed dimes.