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Kamar (Tajikistan)

'''Kamar ''' (Kumar), (Qamar) is a town in western Tajikistan. It is located in Sughd province.


for the village in Seram Island, see Kamar, Indonesia.

' Kekenceng' is a village in Khwahan Badakhshan Province in north-eastern Afghanistan.

Usage examples of "kamar".

It was me and Denise and Lindsey, and this older black guy named Kamar and these two guys from school, DC and Matt.

DC is really kind of crazy, and I was afraid he and Kamar would decide to mess him up or something.

But Lindsey said Kamar was just using Terry, but he and DC were really close.

They were going to get guns from some guy Kamar knew, but instead DC just took a baseball bat and started beating on this kid, Kevin, who he really hated.

Oh, yeah, Kamar had gone to look for some other kids we knew, but anyway.

I was kind of hoping maybe Kamar and DC and Lindsey would get back before the geezer did so we could just go on to the party and forget about it.

It would have been statutory rape with Kamar, too, but nobody says anything about that.

But he kept talking to people about Kamar and about what might have happened, so I gave up and I went back to sit on the steps with Denise and Lindsey.

The tale of Kamar Al-Zaman and the Lady Budur is both amusing and interesting.

After playing all sorts of tricks, she leaves her husband, and elopes with the youth Kamar to Cairo, where his parents reside.

The caliph looked to Kamar, who was the only one who had not drawn a weapon.

Without warning he swung his sword at the wizard, but before the blade touched Kamar, it seemed to melt, as if it had passed through some fire, and the blade dripped down to form a hook.

The Maronites did not show as much courage in the field as in the standing committee at Deir el Kamar, but several of the Shehaab princes who headed them, especially the Emir Kais, maintained the reputation of their house and displayed a brilliant courage.

The Abunekeds were the Druse lords of the town of Deir el Kamar, where the majority of the inhabitants were Christian.

Could you believe it, but I was told yesterday at Deir el Kamar, that the English consul has persuaded the Queen that even the patriarch was against the Shehaabs?