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n. 1 (given name male from=Germanic) of modern usage. 2 (context rare English) (given name: female) of modern usage.


Kai may refer to:

Kai (Dir En Grey album)

(also known as 改-KAI- REMIX01) is a remix album released by Dir En Grey on August 22, 2001. It features remixes of songs from the band's first two studio albums, Gauze and Macabre, as well as the Ain't Afraid to Die single. The songs were remixed not only by outside musicians, but also by members of the Dir en Grey themselves. Five of the album's tracks had been previously released as B-sides on various singles.

Kai (band)

Kai is an Asian-American R&B musical group from the San Francisco Bay Area, formed in 1992. Since 2001, the band has been on hiatus.

Kai (conjunction)

Kai ( "and"; ; ; sometimes abbreviated k) is a conjunction in Greek, Coptic and Esperanto (kaj; ).

Kai is the most frequent word in any Greek text and thus used by statisticians to assess authorship of ancient manuscripts (see further) .

Kai (name)

The name Kai has various origins and meanings in different cultures:

  • In Ancient Greek, Kai is a conjunction meaning "and".
  • In Basque, Kai is a common word meaning "pier of a harbour" and a variant of the first name Kaio (from the old Latin name Caius).
  • In Burmese, Kai means "strong" or "unbreakable".
  • In Chamoru, Kai is a nativized version of the Spanish name Francisca.
  • In Mandarin Chinese, Kai is a common given name with one of several meanings, most often "victory" , another being "open" . Kai can also be used to transliterate the Chinese character used in some names meaning "start" in the Cantonese pronunciation.
  • In Estonian, Kai is a female name meaning "pier".
  • In Finnish, Kai is a common male name, Finnish form of Kaj. The term "kai" also means "probably" in Finnish.
  • In Hausa Kai means "you".
  • In Hawaiian, Kai means "ocean" or "ocean water".
  • In Hmong, Kai is a male name that is sometimes spelled Kha.
  • In Kono and Kissi, Kai is a male name; it is also a Paramount Chief title or prefix that means king of kings. It can be found as a name, or part of the names of several towns and regions in the Mano River Union Countries of Sierra Leone, Liberia and Côte d'Ivoire.
  • In Japanese, Kai has a number of meanings, including "ocean" , "shell" , "restoration" and "recovery". As a surname, it means "Worth" .
  • In Laotian, Kai has numerous meanings, including "chicken", "to open" , "sick" , "egg" , or "to sell".
  • In Malayalam, Kai means "hand".
  • In Māori, Kai means "food".
  • In Navajo, Kai means "willow tree".
  • In North Germanic languages, Kai means "keeper of the keys; earth". In Germanic languages, Kai means " quay" or "safe harbor".
  • In Scottish, Kai means "fire".
  • In Swahilli, Kai is a female name meaning "loveable".
  • In Tamil, Kai means "hand".
  • In Thai, Kai means "chicken" and used as a nickname.
  • In Persian, Kai is short for "Kainat"="کاینات", meaning "universe". It is usually a nickname, though it can be a real name too. Other nicknames for the same name may include Kaiskii, Kaina and Kaiya.
  • In Wayuu, Kai is the name of the sun and it also means "the one who brings the light in the dawn" and/or "the one who brings knowledge".
  • In Welsh, Kai is a popular given name normally spelt Cai, from the Arthurian legend of Sir Kay.
  • In Wolof, Kai means "come".
  • In Zambia, particularly in the "Ngoni" tribe of south central Africa, Kai is derived from the name Kaizala.

In Northern Ireland, data indicated that Kai experienced a significant rise in popularity as a male given name from 2002 to 2003. It has become popular in the UK, with many children born in the mid to late 1990s given the name. While it is typically a male given name, in recent years it has become popular among females as well.

Kai (singer)

Kim Jong-in (born ), better known as Kai, is a South Korean singer, dancer, and actor. He is a member of the South Korean-Chinese boy group EXO and its sub unit EXO-K.

Kai (wrestler)

is a Japanese professional wrestler better known under the ring nameKai (stylized in all capital letters). Best known for his work in the All Japan Pro Wrestling promotion, Kai is an accomplished junior heavyweight wrestler, having won the World Junior Heavyweight Championship twice and the Junior League also twice ( 2008 and 2011), while he and Kaz Hayashi also won the 2011 Junior Tag League. In August 2012, Kai announced that he was ending his junior heavyweight days and becoming a heavyweight wrestler. After taking a seven-month break from in-ring action, Kai returned to All Japan in March 2013, now working as a heavyweight wrestler. However, the following July, Kai quit All Japan following a change in the promotion's management and joined the new Wrestle-1 promotion. In March 2015, Kai won the promotion's top title, the Wrestle-1 Championship. He has since won the title two more times.

Usage examples of "kai".

The khepri in Armada, like those in New Crobuzon, must be descendants of refugees from the Mercy Ships, worshipping what was left, what they remembered, of the Bered Kai Nev pantheon.

The prisoners could be put aboard a ship, with provisions, and pointed in the direction of Bered Kai Nev.

Alaire, Kai and the boy, whose name was Fion, followed the priest outside.

He had noticed that di Strozza, Kai Shah, a lean Syrian scribe named Musa bin Daoud, and the wolfish Lur, Kadra Muhammad, stayed close to each other, while Nadir Tous had his own following among the lesser bandits, wild ruffians, mostly Persians and Armenians, and Kojar Mirza was surrounded by a number of even wilder mountain Kurds.

Oudeni gar eoike to anthropou soma ton epi sarkophagia gegonoton, ou grupotes cheilous, ouk ozutes onuchos, ou traxutes odontos prosestin, ou koilias eutonia kai pneumatos thermotes, trepsai kai katergasasthai dunate to baru kai kreodes all autothen e phusis te leioteti ton odonton kai te smikroteti tou stomatos kai te malakoteti tes glosses kai te pros pepsin ambluteti tou pneumatos, exomnutai ten sarkophagian.

Alla drakontas agrious kaleite kai pardaleis kai leontas, autoi de miaiphoneite eis omoteta katalipontes ekeinois ouden ekeinois men gar o phonos trophe, umin de opson estin.

In the afternoon Kai Lin would come over and comb out the tangles that Popo missed at the back of his neck.

It was only after my blue belt, the second kyu, that I learnt that the real reward of Shuto Kai was understanding my will.

That di Strozza, Kai Shah and Musa killed Skol is evident, also that they sent Kadra Muhammad to slay me--why, I know not.

The other three killed Skol and in the fight Kai Shah was wounded--Musa took the gem doubtless because neither Kai Shah nor the Venetian would trust it to the other.

Gaul as they advanced west along the Roman road from Strasbourg to Toul, things that sounded nothing like the Kai Sarnac remembered.

Kai was young and bright, Alaire observed sadly that Kai had the most unsatiable thirst for ale he had ever seen in a person.

Fighting, drinkingthough Kai was young and bright, Alaire observed sadly that Kai had the most unsatiable thirst for ale he had ever seen in a person.

Imagawa for even two weeks or a month, we could send messengers to Mino or Kai and ask for reinforcements.

Saito of Mino, the Kitabatake of Ise, the Takeda of Kai, and the Imagawa of Suruga.