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n. The (vern: sheep ked), ''Melophagus ovinus''

Kade (comics)

Kade is a fictional comic book character created by Sean O'Reilly, who appears in a comic books published through Arcana Studios. He first appeared in Kade #1 (December 2003).


Kade is village and a former municipality in the Jerichower Land district, in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. Since 1 January 2010, it is part of the town Jerichow.

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Kade (Ghana parliament constituency)

The Kade constituency is in the Eastern region of Ghana. The member of Parliament for the constituency is Ofosu Asamoah. He was elected on the ticket of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and won a majority of 11,852 votes more than candidate closest in the race, to win the constituency election to become the MP. He had represented the constituency in the 4th Republican parliament.

Usage examples of "kade".

Toen ze de laatste bocht in de rivier door waren en hij afmeerde bij de kade van Kashan, waren Marc Robichaux, George Edwards en Jimmy Quinn zich erop aan het voorbereiden te worden opgewacht door rouwende mensen.

Hij keek een keer om voordat zijn boot de bocht door ging en zag de vreemdeling nog op de kade staan, een klein, zwart silhouet dat afstak tegen de rotsen van Kashan.

Colonel Charles Kades, an exemplary New Dealer who would play a pivotal role in such critical Government Section initiatives as the drafting of a new constitution, later spoke frankly of his own background in this regard.

She was glad Kade had done that much replanting, but it made it difficult for her to remain hidden.

I was at the Flatiron, corrupting his data units, when he did the hit on his brother and Kade.

After a less than wonderful meal of prepackaged food, Kade had lit the lantern and then wandered off into the trees.

I haven't seen horses since --" Kade Berun glanced at Sturm and Kitiara.

Kade glanced up in horror and saw triumph blaze up on Inosolan's face.

Kade had shamelessly frittered away a fortune, but seemed content at last—.

Legs saw Jack and Jim Nutil and Corin Minerva and Langdon Kade and Sadie Amber and most of Jack's crew.

It doesn’t explain why the passcodes on the elevator to the studio were changed at nearly the same time Blair Bissel and Felicity Kade were being murdered.

Perhaps she and Kade and Azak would ride down it forever, or until they died of old age.

The sculleries alone made the marriage inevitable, to save Kade from being worked to a quick death scrubbing out acres of stone floors.

Everywhere Herald went, Kade had just left, organizing this, touching up that, making last-moment adjustments.