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Kaas or KAAS may refer to:

  • Kaas (surname)
  • The Dutch word for cheese
  • Taylor County Airport (Kentucky)
  • KAAS-LP, a low-power television station (channel 31) licensed to Garden City, Kansas, United States
  • KAAS-TV, a television station (channel 18 analog/17 digital) licensed to Salina, Kansas, United States
Kaas (surname)

Kaas is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Carl Waaler Kaas (born 1982), Norwegian orienteering competitor
  • Erling Kaas (1915-1996), Norwegian pole vaulter
  • Herman Munthe-Kaas (1890-1977), Norwegian architect
  • Hugo Munthe-Kaas (1922-2012), Norwegian intelligence agent and resistance fighter
  • Jon Kaas, professor and scientist
  • Ludwig Kaas (1881-1952), Roman Catholic priest and German politician
  • Niels Kaas (1535-1594), Danish 16th century politician and diplomat
  • Nikolaj Lie Kaas (born 1973), Danish actor
  • Patricia Kaas (born 1966), French singer and actress
  • Preben Kaas (1930-1981), Danish actor
Kaas (noble family)

Kaas is the name of two related Danish noble families from Jutland, which were and are, respectively, two of the preeminent families of the Danish Uradel or ancient high nobility, which were represented in the Council of the Realm. They are known as the elder Kaas family and the younger Kaas family or named for their respective coats of arms (Sparre-Kaas and Mur-Kaas). Both families appeared in the middle ages, and they have been noble since time immemorial.