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Jyrki is a Finnish masculine given name and may refer to:

Jyrki (TV show)

Jyrki (sometimes stylised as JYRK:.) was a Finnish TV show shown on the MTV3 channel from 1995 to 2001. Jyrki was an afternoon show about popular music for youths. The idea for the show came from the Canadian MuchMusic show by the CHUM network, whose material Jyrki borrowed and cooperated with to improve the concept. Jyrki was produced by Funny-Films Oy.

The first episode of Jyrki was on 1 September 1995, and the live broadcast from the Lasipalatsi in central Helsinki was sent five days a week one and a half hours at a time. When the Lasipalatsi was under renovation the show was broadcast from Kalevankatu. The show consisted mostly of music videos and artist interviews. The last episode of Jyrki was on 21 December 2001. There were a total of 2901 episodes and they showed approximately four thousand music videos. The first music video shown on Jyrki was Veikko Lavi's Löysin rantein. In the final years from 2000 to 2001 the show was also broadcast on the TVTV! channel (currently known as Sub).

Side shows of Jyrki included the dance music oriented Jyrki Electric Circus, the one-artist spotlight show Intimate & Interactive, the video list Jyrki Countdown, Jyrki Spotlight containing foreign artist interviews, Jyrki+ containing older music videos and interviews, the movie show Jyrki Goes Movies and the live music show [email protected]. Also the traditional Finnish rock'n'roll championship was renamed "Jyrki Hit Challenge". The Jyrki Video Awards celebration rewarded the best music artists and music videos from 1997 to 2001.

The show brought many new faces to publicity. Hosts included Mikko Silvennoinen, Marika Makaroff, Raymond Ebanks, Vera Olsson, Jaana Pelkonen, Mikko "Peltsi" Peltola, Kaija Ståhl, Micaela Metso, Veeti Kallio, Olli "Molli-Olli" Oikarinen, Minna O (Ojala/Ottavainen), Joonas Hytönen, Tiina Kylmälä, Heta Hyttinen, Tea Khalifa, Jussi Heikelä, and the editor-in-chief Antti "Pizza" Pekkarinen.

From December 2005 Pan Vision started publicising the best interviews and live performances of Jyrki on DVD under the title of Jyrki: Lost Tapes. The series was planned to consist of six episodes, but it was stopped after the third episode, which consisted of live performances from autum 1997 to spring 1998.