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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Gipoun \Gi*poun"\, n. [See Jupon.] A short cassock. [Written also gepoun, gypoun, jupon, juppon.] [Obs.]


n. 1 A close-fitting sleeveless jacket, descending below the hips, worn over armour. 2 A petticoat.

Usage examples of "jupon".

Then came two-score more archers, ten more men-at-arms, and finally a rear guard of twenty bowmen, with big John towering in the front rank and the veteran Aylward marching by the side, his battered harness and faded surcoat in strange contrast with the snow-white jupons and shining brigandines of his companions.

They included young Gonzalvio, Viscount of Poitain, and his father, old Trocero, slim and elegant as ever in scarlet velvet, with the golden leopard of his province broidered in stiff, silver-gilt wire on the breast of his jupon.

Niamh reappeared looking for all the world like Maid Marian in a Robin Hood movie, with an abbreviated and tight-fitting jupon of forest green, soft high-laced buskins, and a feathered cap which perched winsomely atop her silken mane.