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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1842, a word revived from Old Norse jotunn (see ettin).


n. (context Norse mythology English) A member of a race of giants who usually stand in opposition to the Æsir and especially to Thor.


Jotun may refer to:

  • Jötunn, a giant in Norse mythology
  • Jotun (company), a Norwegian company
  • Jotun, a song by In Flames
  • Jotun (video game), a 2015 video game developed by Thunder Lotus Games

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Jotun (company)

The Jotun Group is a Norwegian chemicals company dealing mainly with paints and coatings. The company has a presence in more than 90 countries around the world, with 9500 employees, 69 companies in 44 countries, and 36 production facilities in 21 countries.

Jotun (video game)

Jotun is a video game developed by Thunder Lotus Games. It was released for PC on September 29, 2015. A PlayStation 4, Wii U and Xbox One version will be released in summer 2016.

Usage examples of "jotun".

And this wrathful Viking maid took me for a Jotun, one of the race who were mortal enemies of the Aesir!

I felt a red fury that made me long to destroy every Jotun in payment for any harm they might do to the Viking maid I loved.

They were Jotun ships, crowded with huge, black-headed warriors and rowers.

Next moment, the carved beak of the foremost Jotun ship hit our starboard side with a shock that sent us all staggering.

I rushed with Frey, stumbling to the side where yelling Jotun warriors were boarding us.

Bellowing, he whirled his hammer and crashed it down on Jotun helmets, smashing them and the skulls inside.

Our ship was still being drawn southward by the wind that filled its sail, dragging the Jotun craft that had grappled us.

The other Jotun ships were straining oars and sails to grapple with us.

As the Jotun ship was drawn away from us by the waves, I heard a choking cry of despair.

The Jotun ships were trying to get their grapples on the Aesir craft again.

Jotuns have Freya and the rune key, the Jotun king Utgar will hasten to release Loki from his prison-cave.

They were an older race than either Jotun or Aesir, and had taken no part in the wars between the two great enemy peoples.

Long ago, we told both Aesir and Jotun that we would have no part in their war, but would live at peace and trade with both of them.

Besides eight big, black-bearded Jotun warriors, three of whom bore torches, there were two leaders.

One was a giant Jotun with a wolf-like, savage face and glittering black eyes.