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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
jittery investors
▪ Even so, talk of course alterations continued throughout the jittery months of 1938 but no expenditure was undertaken.
▪ Financial markets are jittery, as a war looms in the Gulf.
▪ Her movements seemed more jittery, and her quick smile during the introductions looked forced.
▪ It was probably the tension that had him jittery.
▪ They look like jittery, hysterical little birds crowded together on a power line.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

jittery \jittery\ adj. being in a tense state; easily upset or frightened; -- of a person.

Syn: edgy, fidgety, high-strung, in suspense(predicate), jumpy, nervous, nervy, overstrung, restive, uneasy, uptight.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1931, American English, from jitter + -y (2). Related: Jitteriness.


a. nervy, jumpy, on edge


adj. being in a tense state [syn: edgy, high-strung, highly strung, in suspense(p), jumpy, nervy, overstrung, restive, uptight]

  • Jittery Jester is the 88th animated cartoon short subject in the Woody Woodpecker series.
  • Jittery Joe's is a chain of coffee houses based in Athens, Georgia.
  • Live at Jittery Joe's was an album released in 2001 by Jeff Mangum of Neutral Milk Hotel to battle the high prices of bootlegs on eBay.
  • Jittery Joe's (cycling team) (UCI Code: JIT) is a UCI Continental team consisting of professional and amateur riders that compete primarily in USA Cycling Professional Tour and UCI America Tour road bicycle racing events.

Usage examples of "jittery".

Jacki was already jittery enough without the knowledge that Ted Thompson, the only man without a medical degree to see her a la naturale, was observing the practice run for what no man could put asunder.

Furthermore, the platoon sergeant I had left in the center was armed and likely to be as jittery as anyone else.

Ellenor Battle pushed through the jittery throng with Defoe in tow, making for the control-car.

Like our fingers on granite, the string smears out the jittery ultramicroscopic fluctuations of the gravitational field.

His face was a mask, but she could read a jittery stress in him, especially in the overcontrolled way he spoke and moved.

Their opponents stand out on the baselines of Courts 9 and 12 waiting for them to come out and warm up, jittery, stretching out the way you do when you've already stretched out, dribbling fresh bright balls with their black Wilson widebody sticks.

By the time the jittery youngster managed to match his pace to theirs, they were out of the Cabildo and stepping out into the sunshine that was spilling across the main square.

He scouted the forest in a jittery spiral until he found some accumulators of the calathiform sort.

Guests arrived, guests departed, in sundry states of unembarrassed kookiness, America on the road slightly more deranged than America at home, the phone trilled, the towel guy showed up with half their daily order, the snack guy informed Emory that one of the machines in the west wing had been jimmied, a domestic service person named Jan whom he persistently called Nan quit in tears after a quarrel with another person named Crystal whom he eyed in a special way he thought she understood, daughter Beryl appeared to vacuum the artifacts without once acknowledging his presence, a jittery man in a bad wig who couldn't seem .

The jittery pill-popper turned his attentions to a pin-ball machine inside the entrance.

He will sit on a beach for hours, studying wave conditions, looking for sets that will push him to and maybe past his personal threshold, oblivious even to the passing contents of bun-floss bikinis, so focused and patient that he makes one of those Easter Island stone heads seem positively jittery, but when he sees what he needs and paddles his board out to the lineup, he doesn't wallow there like a buoy, he becomes a true raging slash master, ripping the waves, domesticating even the hugest thunder crushers, going for it so totally that if any shark mistook him for chum, he'd flip it upside down and ride it like a longboard.

His breath was jittery and quick as he logged into his computer programme marked O.

Thunder arrived in accompaniment, bass grumbles which seemed to circle and swoop around the town like jittery birds.

Hoppy greeted him with a nervous handshake and a jittery voice and showed him to his office in the back where his desk was set with two deli sandwiches and iced teas.

Wayne suddenly kicks out with his right foot, and it connects with the crotch of the kid with the jittery face.