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highly strung

adj. being in a tense state [syn: edgy, high-strung, in suspense(p), jittery, jumpy, nervy, overstrung, restive, uptight]

Highly Strung

Highly Strung is the sixth solo album from former Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett. "Cell 151" was a minor hit from the album, and charted in the UK. Added to Hackett's band was drummer Ian Mosley, who would join Marillion in 1984. This was Hackett's final studio release for Charisma.

In 2007, Highly Strung was remastered and re-released on Virgin Records. The new edition features updated liner notes and three bonus tracks.

The front cover painting is, as on many of Hackett's albums, by his then-wife Kim Poor.

Usage examples of "highly strung".

She was too highly strung to avoid talking about anything important in her life.

Yama told her gently, as he might try and calm a highly strung mount.

The child was far too weak and too highly strung to give a clear account of the events which had landed him alone and unconscious inside the disused hiding-place, with his only means of exit cut off.

He said nothing to this, but his arms tightened about her, his hand gently patting her shoulder, as though he soothed a highly strung animal.

Naturally, they're all a good deal upset over this business, they're a trifle nervous and highly strung too, you know, so if there are any arrangements to be made: necessary formalities, arrangements for the funeral, transport of the body to Jerusalem, why, I'll take as much trouble as I can on their hands.