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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
Jiffy bag
▪ It suits me, she says to herself, pulling a thick, closely typed manuscript out of a jiffy bag.
▪ The door opened and he handed in the jiffy bag.
▪ Three minutes and ten seconds later, the door opened and the jiffy bag was handed out.
▪ I started Armstrong up as he emerged from the building with a large jiffy bag under his arm.
▪ In a jiffy he had dropped silently on to the flowerbed below.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Jiffy \Jif"fy\, n. [Perh. corrupt. fr. gliff.] [Written also giffy.] A moment; an instant; as, I will be ready in a jiffy. [Colloq.]
--J. & H. Smith.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1780, "a moment, an instant," colloquial, origin unknown; said to be originally thieves' slang for "lightning."


n. (context colloquial English) A very short, unspecified length of time.


n. a very short time (as the time it takes the eye blink or the heart to beat); "if I had the chance I'd do it in a flash" [syn: blink of an eye, flash, heartbeat, instant, split second, trice, twinkling, wink, New York minute]


Jiffy may refer to:

  • Jiffy (time), one of several different very short periods of time
  • Jiffy, Another name for the card game Nertz, a fast paced, multiplayer version of Solitaire
Jiffy (convenience store)

Jiffy is a Thai chain of convenience stores. There are a total of 153 Jiffy convenience stores, mostly in filling stations. The owner of the stores plans to open more stores in the future.

Jiffy (time)

Jiffy is an informal term for any unspecified short period of time, as in "I will be back in a jiffy". From this it has acquired a number of more precise applications for short, very short, or extremely short periods of time. First attested in 1785, the word's origin is unclear, though one suggestion is that it was thieves' cant for lightning.

Usage examples of "jiffy".

Hank tuned out the racket drifting in from the sidewalk in front of the Jiffy Stop.

Every piece Hank had gathered, photographed and sketched at the Jiffy Stop implicated Doctor Charles H.

The stash in his coat pocket Sunday night at the Jiffy Stop was red-handed prima facie evidence.

While Claire had been showering, Zoey had read the article about the Jiffy Stop robbery.

She might have cruised past the Jiffy Stop if not for the towering standard and flashing sign out front.

I found three bags full of cash identical to the one in his pocket at the Jiffy Stop.

For all I knew, the other woman worked at the Jiffy Stop or met Charlie there on the sly.

I overheard an employee talking with a customer about a clerk being killed at the Jiffy Stop.

New, and I daresay compelling, evidence supporting the fact that the Jiffy Stop robbery was Mr.

These days, it was the only food I could tolerate besides Jiffy Pop popcorn.

I disconnected and stood staring out my kitchen window while I shook my Jiffy Pop.

As he did, three Jiffy Pop pans fell out onto the floor with a rattle and a bang.

UPS express courier delivered the tortoiseshell in a nondescript Jiffy mailer to a side door of the White House.

And then shall each Paddy, who once on the Liffey Perchance held the helm of some mackerel-hoy, Hold the helm of the state, and dispense in a jiffy More fishes than ever he caught when a boy.

I went upstairs and put the baster tube into an envelope and then into a jiffy bag brought from the office for the purpose and addressed it to Phil Urquhart.