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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Jacksnipe \Jack"snipe`\, n. (Zo["o]l.)

  1. A small European snipe ( Limnocryptes gallinula); -- called also judcock, jedcock, juddock, jed, and half snipe.

  2. A small American sandpiper ( Tringa maculata); -- called also pectoral sandpiper, and grass snipe.

Jed (album)

Jed is the second studio album by American rock band Goo Goo Dolls. It is the first studio album in which John Rzeznik sang vocals for some of the tracks. The majority of the songs are sung by Robby Takac, with Rzeznik taking over for two ("Up Yours" and "James Dean"). Fellow upstate New Yorker Lance Diamond sings vocals on track seven, "Down On The Corner." Track number six, "Sex Maggot," shares a name with the band's original name, the Sex Maggots. The second track on the album, "Up Yours", was the only song from Jed found on the band's compilation album What I Learned About Ego, Opinion, Art & Commerce. The song "No Way Out" was also included on the band's most recent compilation album Volume Two, which consisted of other album tracks, b-sides and rarities. The album was re-released on CD on February 22, 1994.

The album was named after painter Jed Jackson, who was Robby Takac's art teacher at Medaille College and who painted the cover artwork, which is entitled "Arkansas Sunset". Jed is from Arkansas.


Jed or JED may refer to: __NOTOC__

JED (text editor)

JED is a text editor that makes extensive use of the S-Lang library. It is highly cross-platform compatible; JED runs on Windows and all flavors on Linux and Unix. Older versions are available for DOS. It is also very lightweight (meaning very parsimonious in its use of system resources), which makes it an ideal editor for older systems, embedded systems, etc. JED's Emacs mode is one of the most faithful emulations available.

Jed (given name)

Jed is a masculine given name or nickname (usually of Jedediah).

Jed (wolfdog)

Jed was an animal actor, known for his roles in the movies: White Fang (1991), White Fang 2: Myth of the White Wolf (1994), The Journey of Natty Gann (1985), and The Thing (1982). He was born in 1977 and died in June of 1995 at the age of 18. He was a wolf- malamute.

Jed's first role was a brief one as an Alaskan Malamute in John Carpenter's The Thing (1982). Jed's character in the film was the first form to be taken by the alien creature. His next role was in The Journey of Natty Gann, starring alongside Meredith Salenger and John Cusack. In 1991 Jed starred as White Fang in the Walt Disney 1991 motion picture of the same name, starring a young Ethan Hawke.

Jed was owned and trained by Clint Rowe, who was involved in the films that Jed was cast in and was also associated with the film Turner and Hooch.

Usage examples of "jed".

With trembling fingers he plucked out one of the earplugs Jed had given him and pushed in the earphone.

Jed watched as Sanchez pressed a remote control that slid the barrier open, interested to find that security had become more automated since his time.

She knew Sanchez was watching, and they had to keep playing by the script Jed had tossed her.

The thought of seeing Sanchez and Jed again made her hand shake as she washed her face and dabbed on a LITTLE of the eye shadow that was still in her cosmetic bag.

Jed followed, wondering if Sanchez was going to let him test the springs on the wedding bed.

Blushing hotly, Marissa and Jed followed Sanchez into a ballroom filled with beautifully set tables.

Even to the hardened Jed the appearance of the cataractous eye gave the skinned head a gruesome aura.

Jed said to the drawly one, "why don't you and Asa wash him up a bit and see how bad it is.

jedermann, der irgend etwas mit dieser Ebene oder jeder anderen im Haus zu tun hat oder in der letzten Zeit zu tun hatte, wird verhört.

Jed knew all about asteroid airlocks, and one thing you could positively not ever do was open an internal corridor to the vacuum.

Jeder Streifenpolizist hätte sie schon beim ersten Ansehen als Prostituierte festgenommen.

It seemed only a matter of seconds when Jed called them to a breakfast of Canadian bacon and flapjacks.

It was the chamber of horrors in which the Jed of Ghasta was creating abnormal deformities for his cruel dance of the cripples.

James took his family to set off south, Himself left to meet his guests and ghillies at Crathie to bother the silver swimmers in the Spey, and Jed arrived to pick me up and set my normal life back on course.

I didn't forget to save out a couple hundred kilos for Jed, and I donated half a ton for the Jefferson city hall people to throw a feed with.