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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Jane \Jane\ (j[=a]n), n. [LL. Janua Genoa; L. Genua, also OE. Jean.]

  1. A coin of Genoa; any small coin.

  2. A kind of twilled cotton cloth. See Jean.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

fem. proper name, from French Jeanne, Old French Jehane, from Medieval Latin Johanna (see John). As a generic name for "girl, girlfriend" it is attested from 1906 in U.S. slang. Never a top-10 list name for girls born in the U.S., it ranked in the top 50 from 1931 to 1956. It may owe its "everywoman" reputation rather to its association with John.


Etymology 1 n. (context obsolete English) A silver Genovese coin, first used in England in the 14th century. Etymology 2

n. 1 (alternative case form of Jane nodot=yes English), a woman. 2 (alternative spelling of jean English)


Jane may refer to:

  • Jane (given name)
  • Jane (surname)
Jane (magazine)

Jane was an American magazine created to appeal to the women who grew up reading Sassy Magazine; Jane Pratt was the founding editor of each. Its original target audience (pitched to advertisers) was aged 18–34, and was designed to appeal to women who did not like the typical women's magazine format. Pratt originally intended the magazine to be named Betty, but she was voted down by everyone else involved in the making of the magazine.

Jane (Ender's Game)

Jane is a fictional character in Orson Scott Card's Ender series. She is an artificial sentience thought to exist within the ansible network by which spaceships and planets communicate instantly across galactic distances. She has appeared in the novels Speaker for the Dead, Xenocide, and Children of the Mind, and in a short story " Investment Counselor". Her 'face', a computer-generated hologram that she uses to talk to Ender, is described as plain and young, and it is illustrated in First Meetings as having a bun.

This article is arranged to reflect the Ender timeline. However, the Ender Quartet: Ender's Game (1985), Speaker for the Dead (1986), Xenocide (1990), and Children of the Mind (1994) was written first; then Ender's Shadow (1999), First Meetings (2004), and Shadow of the Giant (2005).

Jane (TTC)

Jane is a station on the Bloor–Danforth line in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is located just north of Bloor Street West, spanning the block east of Jane Street to Armadale Avenue, with entrances from all three streets. It opened in 1968 as part of the westerly extension from Keele to Islington Station.

In 2006, this station became accessible with elevators.

Jane (comic strip)

Jane was a comic strip created and drawn by Norman Pett exclusively for the British tabloid newspaper The Daily Mirror from 5 December 1932 to 10 October 1959.

Jane (German band)

Jane is a German progressive rock Krautrock band, that was formed in October 1970 in Hanover, Germany.

Jane (American band)

Jane was an electronic duo consisting of Panda Bear (Noah Lennox) of Animal Collective and Scott Mou. The two worked together at Other Music and recorded and practiced at Mou's house.

Jane (song)

"Jane" is a song by Barenaked Ladies from their 1994 album Maybe You Should Drive. The single release included the album version of "Jane", a live version of " What a Good Boy", and the Buck Naked version of "Great Provider". The song later appeared on their 2001 compilation Disc One: All Their Greatest Hits. The song was written by Stephen Duffy and Steven Page.

The title character is "Jane St. Clair", and is named after the intersection of Jane Street and St. Clair Avenue in Toronto. Steven Page recalls that co-writer Stephen Duffy saw the intersection on a map and remarked that it sounded like the most beautiful intersection in the world; Page "didn't wanna break his heart to tell him it wasn't." Page was also noted to have said, "the next song I'm gonna write is gonna be called Markham Ellesmere;" the major suburban intersection of Markham Road and Ellesmere Road is close to where Page grew up in the Scarborough section of Toronto.

Page admits that the line "No Juliana next to my Evan" "dates [the song] a bit, [but] it still sounds pretty to me today."

Jane (ship)

'' Jane '' was a ship that disappeared without a trace near Cape Hawke, New South Wales, Australia.

The Jane was possibly a sloop of some 15 tons and was owned by Robert Mills, who was also the captain. On 10 June 1816, in the same storm that wrecked the Edwin, Jane, with Edwin made it as far as Cape Hawke, where the two ships separated. Jane was never seen again. Mills and his two crew were presumed drowned. The dinghy from the Jane was later washed up on a beach near the Manning River.

Jane (surname)

Jane is a surname, related to the given name Jane, which is ultimately derived from the Hebrew name , , meaning "Graced by Yahweh".

Jane (1915 film)

Jane is a 1915 American silent film produced by the Oliver Morosco company and distributed by Paramount Pictures. It is based on a stage play Jane by W.H. Lestocq and Harry Nicholls. Frank Lloyd directed, early in his career, and up-and-coming stage comic Charlotte Greenwood debuts and stars in her first motion picture. This was Lloyd's second directed feature film after several years of making shorts. This film survives in the Library of Congress.

Jane (software)

Jane 128 was a GUI-based integrated software package for the Commodore 64 and Commodore 128 personal computers. It was developed by Arktronics and released by Commodore International in 1985. Like Commodore's earlier Magic Desk software, and somewhat typically for " user-friendly" software of the era, it used a literal desktop metaphor with the interface consisting of an onscreen graphic of a desktop with icons representing associated business tools - a typewriter represented the word processor component (called JaneWrite), a filing cabinet the database (JaneList) and so on. It was designed to be controlled by either a joystick or a mouse. Like most of the other examples of integrated software for home computers, Jane's components were criticized for being slow and limited It was not a success in the marketplace but represented an early example of a graphical interface on an 8-bit computer.

Arktronics was a software development company in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Jane was originally intended to be a package not only for the Commodore line, but also for the Apple, Atari, and others. This transportability was engineered by a combination of higher level systems written in the C language and machine specific drivers written in the assembly language for each machine. Jane was originally developed for the Commodore 64 within the Commodore line.

Jane (given name)

Jane is a feminine given name. It is the English form of the Old French name Jehanne, which was an old feminine form of the male name Johannes or Ioannes (also the source of the English name John), a Latin form of the Greek name (Iōannēs), which is derived from the Hebrew name יוֹחָנָן (Yochanan), a short form of the name יְהוֹחָנָן (Yehochanan), meaning " Yahweh is merciful".

The name was first used in large numbers in the mid-16th century for the daughters of aristocrats as an alternative to the more commonplace Joan. The two names have alternated popularity. In the early 19th century, Jane was again seen as a name with a certain amount of glamour. Joan became more popular in the early to mid-20th century, when it was ranked in the top 500 most popular names given to girls in the United States, but the name has again been displaced by Jane on the popularity charts in the 21st century.

Jane (TV series)

Jane is an early 1980s British animated military comedy television series. It was produced for two series, in 1982 and 1984. Set during World War II, it was created by Norman Pett as a comic strip in the Daily Mail in 1932. The animated series was produced in 10-minute episodes. The cast providing the voices including the likes of Glynis Barber, Bob Danvers Walker, Max Wall, Dean Allen, Robin Bailey, and Clive Mantle. Graham McCallum won BAFA Awards for Best Graphics in 1983 and 1985 for his work on the two series.

Jane (Jefferson Starship song)

Jane is a 1979 song by Jefferson Starship from the album Freedom at Point Zero. The song peaked on the Billboard Hot 100 at #14, and spent three weeks at #6 on the Cash Box Top 100. In Canada, the song peaked at #13.

"Jane" was featured in the 2009 video game Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned, as well as the opening music to the film Wet Hot American Summer and its prequel series Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp. In October 2015, the song gained notoriety within the video game industry after several DLC packs for Rock Band 4 downloaded as the song causing several versions of the song being available when they shouldn't in a rare glitch. It is also notable for being one of the few songs that is performed live today by both the Paul Kantner-led Jefferson Starship and the Mickey Thomas-led Starship. The song "Lightning Rose" predicts the concept of the Nuclear Furniture album, and in fact its character Lightning Rose would return on Nuclear Furniture as the key character in that album's concept.

Usage examples of "jane".

Gritting her teeth against the pain, Abigail rolled to the side that Jane was directing her.

Jane hurried after Amy into the airy white-and-blue-papered room they had shared since they were old enough to abandon the nursery.

If Amy had been around for the creation of the world, Jane had no doubt that she would have chivvied the Lord into creating the earth in two days rather than seven.

Jane reached around Amy to pluck a locket on a blue ribbon off the dressing table.

A book may be a perfect gentleman in its aspect and demeanor, and this book would be good company for personages like Roger Ascham and his pupils the Lady Elizabeth and the Lady Jane Grey.

In Bradwell, Jane returned to her day school after the Easter holiday, Gerald continued to regard me with mute adoration, and spring flowers and shrubs began to bring great splashes of color to the green and brown gardens of Silverwood, first the daffodils, then the tulips, the aubrietia tumbling over dwarf walls, and the camellias with great blossoms of pink and red.

Jane lingered a while longer and embraced Aurora fondly when they said farewell.

No doubt the charts were those of the austral latitudes, and the books were narratives of the precursors of the Jane in those mysterious regions of the south.

Jane averted her face, his steady look being more than she could bear.

Jane, by reason of the place and of her own participation in the hopes of Susan Bates, thought the proceeding characterized by indelicacy, if not by disloyalty.

Then he would say to Bingham what he said later to Susan Bates when she came with Jane to view the wainscotings and the panelled ceilings of the long succession of rooms: that the man who met all the legal exactions of the community and all the needs and requirements of his own flesh and blood was doing quite enough for the preservation of his own credit.

Jane, half mad with anguish and remorse, found an added pang in the recollection that during one of his conscious and least uncomfortable hours he had yielded to her solicitations and those of Susan Bates, and had set apart a certain portion of his estate, with the approval of Roger, for a collegiate building which was to bear his name.

Jane was shuffling behind him uncertainly, also holding a belaying pin but not sure what to do.

I thawt the Bar insisted on steerin strate for my dooryard in Baldinsville and that Betsy Jane cum out and giv us a warm recepshun with a panfull of Bilin water.

Esther laughed suddenly, a bubbling, girlish laugh, and then pretended that she had laughed because Jane had stubbed her toe.