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Jai or JAI may refer to:

Jai (2004 Telugu film)

Jai is a Telugu movie directed by Teja. It's Navdeep's debut film, he was paired with Santhoshi and Ayesha Julka. It was dubbed in Tamil as Jairam. The film was successful in both the languages. The story tries to marry romance and patriotism.

Jai (actor)

'''Jai ''' (born 6 April 1984), known mononymously as Jai, is an Indian actor working in Tamil films. Nephew of music composer Deva, Jai had worked as a keyboardist in films and had made his acting debut in a supporting role in Bagavathi (2002). In 2007, he successfully auditioned for a leading role in Venkat Prabhu's sports film Chennai 600028. The film emerged as a cult classic, as did his next role of an unemployed 1980s Madurai lad in Sasikumar's Subramaniapuram (2008).

Jai subsequently garnered praise for diverse roles, including a villager on holiday in Goa (2010), a timid working factory worker in Engaeyum Eppothum (2011) and a customer care executive in the romantic drama Raja Rani (2013), which became his biggest commercial success.

Jai (2004 Tamil film)

Jai is a 2004 Tamil language action film directed by S. Narayan, who had previously worked primarily on Kannada language films. The film featured Prashanth and Anshu Ambani in the lead roles while Thiagarajan, Rajkiran and Bhanupriya played supporting roles. A remake of the successful 2002 Telugu film Aadi, the film had music composed by Mani Sharma and was produced by Thiagarajan. Jai was released in January 2004.

Jai (rapper)

Jaime La'Treecia Williams (born November 5, 1981; née, Vaughn), who goes by the stage name Jai (pronounced, Jay), is an American Christian hip hop, Christian R&B, and urban contemporary gospel artist and musician. She started her music career, in 2009, with the release of Focus EP. She saw her first studio album, Culture Shock, chart on two Billboard charts Christian Albums and the Top Gospel Albums. The album was released in 2011 with Outlet Records Music Group.

Usage examples of "jai".

A deep-seated fear within Jai urged him to run, but he forced himself to remain still.

The man in slave restraints stood with a numb expression, watching Jai with no hint of recognition.

Xir spoke to Jai in the language of the Highton Aristos, his voice a rumble of authority.

When he gave Jai a questioning look, Jai shook his head, fearing Mik would ask for an explanation Jai could never provide.

No matter what you hear of me from this day on, remember the Jai you knew.

When they reached each other, Jai wanted to stop, to ask Eldrin the questions surging within him, to offer reassurance, to beg forgiveness for the life Jai was embarking on.

They passed in silence, Eldrin going to the Allieds and Jai to the Eubians.

The Eubians closed around Jai in a tight formation and swept him away, headed for their embassy.

When the great doors of the embassy thundered shut behind them, Jai felt as if he were trapped in a mausoleum.

The Eubians would undoubtedly check and double-check his DNA, but Jai knew they would find the proof they needed.

Only Jai knew the truth: his great-grandfather had bred psi traits into the imperial line.

So Jai had been born a Ruby telepath, the first child of Jaibriol II and Soz Valdoria.

One consolation remained to Jai, the knowledge that his mother and father had been reunited in an escape shuttle before a missile exploded it.

He said the title easily, as if he had addressed Jai that way for years.

Like a sharp pain, Jai suddenly longed for the family he would never see again.