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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Jager \Ja"ger\, n. [G. j["a]ger a hunter, a sportsman. Cf. Yager.] [Written also jaeger.]

  1. (Mil.) A sharpshooter. See Yager.

  2. (Zo["o]l.) Any species of gull of the genus Stercorarius. Three species occur on the Atlantic coast. The jagers pursue other species of gulls and force them to disgorge their prey. The two middle tail feathers are usually decidedly longer than the rest. Called also boatswain, and marline-spike bird. The name is also applied to the skua, or Arctic gull ( Megalestris skua).


n. 1 Any of three seabirds in the skua genus Stercorarius 2 A hunter's guide 3 A rifle


n. rapacious seabird that pursues weaker birds to make them drop their prey

Jaeger (clothing)

Jaeger is a United Kingdom-based fashion brand and retailer of menswear and womenswear. Traditionally known for a classic 'twinset and pearls' image and the use of high-quality natural fibres, it has focused on updating its brand image since 2008, when it first appeared at London Fashion Week. Formerly owned by Harold Tillman, and acquired by Better Capital in 2011, the brand's current positioning is described as "affordable luxury".

Jaeger (automobile)

The Jaeger was an automobile built in Belleville, Michigan by the Jaeger Motor Car Company from 1932-33. The Jaeger was powered by a six-cylinder Continental engine, rated at 70 bhp. Wire wheels were standard on the vehicle, with a V-radiator grille and three diagonal groups of four louvers on each side of the bonnet. Only a few coupes and convertible coupes were actually produced. The vehicle sold for $700.

Jaeger (uneven bars)

A Jaeger (or a Jaeger salto/somersault) is a very popular move on uneven bars in artistic gymnastics in which a gymnast swings backward in L-grip or reverse grip, and performs a front somersault, either in tuck, straddled, piked, or in layout (straight) position. The skill is named after Bernd Jäger, who was the first gymnast to perform the skill in an international competition.

Jaeger (Kamil Drozd EP)

Jaeger is the first extended play (EP) by Polish recording artist Kamil Drozd, released on January 4, 2013. It consists of four new songs. Jaeger was released only via digital download. The EP received mostly negative reviews from critics, who criticised the song lyrics and Drozd's vocal abilities.

Usage examples of "jaeger".

Jaeger was now climbing up the bleachers, wearing his green game jersey with the number 5 in white with silver trim, tucked tightly into his jeans.

Jaeger turned through a gate and started up the bleachers, twenty rows, then along the top rail, then down twenty rows to the next section.

Shaw, it is said, tired of socialism, weary of wearing Jaegers, and broken down by teetotalism and vegetarianism, sought, some years ago, an escape from them.

Jaeger in 1770 at Tubingen describes the metastasis of milk to the umbilicus, Haen to the back, and Schurig to a wound in the foot.

He had built the hunter carefully, selectively destroying negative influences and preventing Jaeger from obsessing unhealthfully about anything.

As Jaeger continued, Partridge observed Sloane and thought the anchorman looked ghastly, even more pale and gaunt than yesterday, though it was not surprising with the growing strain.

The tackroom and workshops of the stables housing the horses of the Carinthian Jaegers has been destroyed by fire and he has a big order for new harness in time for a state parade in October.

The state harness for the cavalry of the Carinthian Jaegers is to be collected the same week as the concert - but he comes out occasionally to stand on the pavement and listens to Sigismund practising.

It was the Carinthian Jaegers marching with a full band and you know how smart they are.

The jaegers circled, the longspurs tumbled on their wings, and at last Silver came home.

Jaeger was now senior producer since Rita Abrams had left for Teterboro Airport and her Peru flight an hour ago.

The colonel and Rex went off once or twice with the Jaegers, but in a halfhearted way, bringing back more experience than game.

Partridge and Jaeger carefully crossed the confluence of thoroughfares as traffic swirled about them.

But she’d graduated from Osgoode Hall—York University’s lawschool—finished articling, and was sliding into a $180,000-a-year associate’s position at Cooper Jaeger.

Don't give inI A surprising number, though, saw no harm in the kidnappers' demands being met as a price of the prisoners' release, prompting Norm Jaeger to comment in disgust, "Can't those birdbrains grasp the principles involved?