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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Vernon hits the jackpot Cardiff 2, Bath 3.
▪ People who hit a $ 50 jackpot likely have found their favorite spot.
▪ The 1987 Sunflowers tour hit the jackpot.
▪ On lottery day, Boston Marathon officials discovered they had hit the jackpot.
▪ He felt as if he'd hit the jackpot.
▪ And six days later she hit the jackpot ... when Bonnie paid back the cash.
▪ This time, though, they hit the jackpot with number 3 from Richard Jones.
▪ But they'd had a thorough look through his life just to be sure and hit the jackpot entirely by chance.
hit the jackpot
▪ He really hit the jackpot when he married Cindy.
▪ And six days later she hit the jackpot ... when Bonnie paid back the cash.
▪ But they'd had a thorough look through his life just to be sure and hit the jackpot entirely by chance.
▪ He felt as if he'd hit the jackpot.
▪ It could be that Grätzel's attempts to harness cheap solar energy may finally have hit the jackpot.
▪ On lottery day, Boston Marathon officials discovered they had hit the jackpot.
▪ The 1987 Sunflowers tour hit the jackpot.
▪ This time, though, they hit the jackpot with number 3 from Richard Jones.
▪ Vernon hits the jackpot Cardiff 2, Bath 3.
▪ The jackpot is worth $1 million this week.
▪ Unemployed roadsweeper Mickey Reid hit the jackpot when his £4 Lotto ticket won him £1.8m.
▪ Mr Hill's huge jackpot cost him just 54p.
▪ Once, they had four out of five numbers for a jackpot and split $ 102.
▪ The changes, according to the pools companies, will increase the number of jackpot winners.
▪ The organisers of the pools believe that huge jackpots are their best weapon in fighting the threat posed by a national lottery.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Jackpot \Jackpot\, n.

  1. Same as jack pot. See under jack.

  2. Any larger-than-usual gambling prize formed by the accumulation of unwon bets.

  3. The highest gambling prize awarded in a gambling game in which smaller prizes are also awarded, especially such a prize on a slot machine.

  4. An unusually large success in an enterprise, either unexpected or unpredictable, esp. one providing a great financial benefit.

    hit the jackpot to receive an unexpectedly large (or the largest possible) benefit from an enterprise; as, after prospecting for years, he finally hit the jackpot when he discovered a silver lode.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also jack-pot, "big prize," 1944, from slot machine sense (1932), from obsolete poker sense (1881) of antes that begin when no player has a pair of jacks or better; from jack (n.) in the card-playing sense + pot (n.1). Earlier, in criminal slang, it meant "trouble," especially "an arrest" (1902).\n\nThe regular Draw-Poker game is usually varied by occasional Jack-Pots, which are played once in so many deals, or when all have refused to play, or when the player deals who holds the buck, a marker placed in the pool with every jack-pot. In a jack-pot each player puts up an equal stake and receives a hand. The pot must then be opened by a player holding a hand of the value of a pair of knaves (jacks) or better. If no player holds so valuable a hand the deal passes and each player adds a small sum to the pot or pool. When the pot is opened the opener does so by putting up any sum he chooses, within the limit, and his companions must pay in the same amount or "drop." They also possess the right to raise the opener. The new cards called for are then dealt and the opener starts the betting, the play proceeding as in the regular game.

[" Encyclopaedia Britannica ," 11th ed., 1911, "Poker." The article notes "Jack-Pots were introduced about 1870." ]


Etymology 1 n. 1 A money prize pool which accumulates until the conditions are met for it to be won. 2 A large cash prize or money. 3 An unexpected windfall or reward. Etymology 2

n. 1 (context Western US English) A difficult situation. 2 A jumble of felled timber.

  1. n. the cumulative amount involved in a game (such as poker) [syn: pot, kitty]

  2. any outstanding award

Jackpot (Fleetway comics)

Jackpot comic was a British comic book magazine that ran from the issues cover dated 5 May 1979 to issue 141, 30 January 1982, when it merged with Buster. The first issue cost 10p. The price increased to 12p from issue 63 (1980) and 14p from issue 98 in 1981


Jackpot may refer to:

Jackpot (2001 film)

Jackpot is a 2001 comedy-drama film directed by Michael Polish and written by Michael and his brother, Mark Polish. It had a limited release in the USA on July 27, 2001.

Jackpot (comics)

Jackpot is the codename shared by two fictional superheroes, Sara Ehret and Alana Jobson, appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character have been primarily appearing in Spider-Man's stories. Jackpot's first appearance was in the Free Comic Book Day giveaway Spider-Man: Swing Shift, released on May 5, 2007 and set in the "Brand New Day" storyline.

Jackpot (2009 film)

Jackpot is a 2009 Bengali film directed by Kaushik Ganguly. The film stars Hiran Chatterjee, Koyel Mallick, Rahul Banerjee, and Sohini Paul (the daughter of Tapas Paul). It was Paul's second film after her debut in Bow Barracks Forever.

Jackpot (game show)

Jackpot (also referred to as Jackpot!).is a television game show produced by Bob Stewart which saw contestants attempting to solve riddles in order to win cash and prizes.

Jackpot made its debut on the NBC television network on January 7, 1974 as part of their daytime schedule and ran until September 26, 1975. The show emanated from New York City, where Stewart was based at the time, and was hosted by Geoff Edwards. In 1985, Stewart teamed up with USA Network and Global Television Network for a revival that aired in both the United States and Canada. This edition of Jackpot aired on USA and Global from September 30, 1985 until December 30, 1988 and was produced in Toronto with Mike Darrow as host. After the Canadian-produced Jackpot ended, Stewart developed another series for American syndication. That series (the only one to refer to the title with the exclamation point in it) debuted on September 18, 1989 with Edwards once again hosting, coming to an end on March 16, 1990 after its syndicator went out of business.

The first series was announced by Don Pardo until early 1975 when Wayne Howell replaced him, marking Pardo's last announcing gig for an NBC game show. The 1985 series saw announcing duties shared by Global announcers John Harris and Ken Ryan, the latter of whom was also the announcer on the USA/Global collaboration Bumper Stumpers. The 1989 series saw Johnny Gilbert and John Harlan split the announcing duties.

Elements of Jackpot were later used in the GSN game show Hollywood Showdown. Its producer, Sande Stewart (son of Jackpot! creator Bob Stewart), became a production partner of his father during the 1980s.

Jackpot (Chingy album)

Jackpot is the debut studio album by American rapper Chingy. Sales of the album achieved Double Platinum in the US. It was released on July 15, 2003, by the Disturbing tha Peace label. Anchored by the smash single " Right Thurr", this album also had two other top three hits, " Holidae In" featuring Ludacris and Snoop Dogg, and " One Call Away" featuring J-Weav. The album was produced by The Trak Starz except for "Bagg Up", which was produced by DJ Quik. The enhanced version of the album features the uncut video of " Right Thurr".

Billboard magazine ranked Jackpot at number 151 on the magazine's Top 200 Albums of the Decade.

Jackpot (1960 film)

Jackpot is a 1960 British crime film directed by Montgomery Tully and starring William Hartnell, Betty McDowall and Eddie Byrne.

Jackpot (musical)

Jackpot is an American musical with music by Vernon Duke, lyrics by Howard Dietz, and a musical book by Guy Bolton, Sidney Sheldon, and Ben Roberts. The musical premiered on Broadway at the Alvin Theatre on January 13, 1944. It closed on March 11, 1944 after a total of 69 performances. Directed by Roy Hargrave, the production starred Nanette Fabray as Sally Madison, Betty Garrett as Sgt. Maguire, Allan Jones as Hank Trimble, and Benny Baker as Winkie Cotter. Choreographer Flower Hujer danced in the production. A wartime musical designed to boost morale in the U.S. during World War II, Jackpot failed to garner a following among critics and audiences. A few songs from the show were published: I've Got A One Track Mind, Sugarfoot, There Are Yanks (From the Banks of the Wabash), and What Happened?.

Jackpot (Irish TV series)

Jackpot was an Irish general knowledge quiz show produced by Telefís Éireann between 6 January 1962 and 9 June 1965. Presented firstly by Gay Byrne and later by Terry Wogan, the show remained one of the most popular programmes in the first years of the television station. Jackpot was similar in format to the ITV quiz show Criss Cross Quiz.

Jackpot (Pietro Lombardi album)

Jackpot is the first album by the German singer, Pietro Lombardi, the winner of the eighth season of Deutschland sucht den Superstar. It was produced by the former member of Modern Talking, Dieter Bohlen, and released on 27 May 2011.

Jackpot (1993 film)

Jackpot is a 1993 Malayalam-language Indian feature film directed by Jomon, starring Mammootty, Gautami, Aishwarya, Tejas Kapadia, Jagadish, M. G. Soman, Manjula and Kannada actor R.N.Sudarshan playing the villain. It portrays the story of a race jockey.The film was appreciated for its exciting climax which was brilliantly shot.

Jackpot (unfinished film)

Jackpot is an unfinished film that began shooting in 1974 and shut down in 1975. Terence Young directed Millard Kaufman's screenplay. William D. Alexander produced for Paramount Pictures. Richard Burton, James Coburn, and Charlotte Rampling starred.

Jackpot (2013 film)

Jackpot is a 2013 Hindi comedy thriller directed by Kaizad Gustad starring Sunny Leone, Naseeruddin Shah and Sachiin J Joshi. The film released on 13 December 2013 with 1150 screens release in India. The movie was declared a flop both critically as well as commercially by Box Office India, with total earnings of just .

Jackpot (2006 film)

Jackpot is a 2006 Kannada romantic-drama film directed by Niranjan featuring Dyan, Harsha and Shubha Poonja in the lead roles. The film released on 14 July 2006. It received mixed reviews.

Jackpot (1992 film)

Jackpot (also known as Cyber Eden) is a 1992 Italian sci-fi- adventure film directed by Mario Orfini.

The film was a box office bomb, grossing just 158 millions lire at the Italian box office in spite of a budget of 18 billions lire.

Jackpot (Korman novel)

Jackpot is a 2014 novel by Gordon Korman. that everyone in Cedarville is looking for. Griffin Bing, the main character, gets his friends in trouble and all they have a fight. They become friends with Victor Phoenix, who has recently moved to Cedarville, and start looking for the lottery ticket. Griffin starts looking himself. The book is a sequel to Hideout, and it is the sixth book in the Swindle series.

Jackpot (Donna Ares album)

Jackpot is the fourth studio album by Bosnian pop singer Donna Ares. It was released in 2004 through the record label Song Zelex.

Jackpot (1960 TV series)

Jackpot is an Australian television game show aired from 1960 to 1961 on Sydney station TCN-9. In a TV schedule from 1960, the series is listed at 1:30PM on Thursday, followed by The Happy Show with George Foster.

It was hosted by Bob McGready, who previously hosted by Balance Your Budget. It is not clear what connection there was between the two series. The actual gameplay of both series is not known, and the archival status is also not known.

Jackpot (2015 film)

Jackpot is a 2015 Vietnamese comedy film directed by Dustin Nguyen. The film was selected as the Vietnamese entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 88th Academy Awards but it was not nominated.

Jackpot (2016 TV series)

Jackpot , also known as The Royal Gambler, is a South Korean historical drama starring Jang Keun-suk, Yeo Jin-goo, Jun Kwang-ryul, Choi Min-soo, Yoon Jin-seo and Lim Ji-yeon. It replaced Six Flying Dragons and airs on SBS on Mondays and Tuesdays at 22:00 ( KST) from March 28, 2016 to June 14, 2016 for 24 episodes.

Usage examples of "jackpot".

When Art Howe put Mabry in a few games, to give other guys a rest, and Mabry had started hitting homers, both Billy and Paul reacted as if they had walked into the casino, stuck a quarter into a slot machine, and hit the jackpot.

The dragon waddled through the casino leaving a string of jackpots in his wake.

Anyway, the bank's on that damn square I never can spell-Dag Hammarskj6ld-and is American-Amazonas," When he hung up, Kettering scooped up the hundred-dollar bills and told Mony, "We hit the jackpot.

With that attitude plus a few money-management skills, they were able to hang on longer than most slot players who plunged at the dollar machines after getting nowhere with quarters, and because of their patience and perseverance, the duchesses won more jackpots than did the tide of tourists that ebbed and flowed around them.

The neighbor's loaded, and you know, the ambulance chaser smells a jackpot.

Trish pondered the possibility she'd gotten some bad information, as JoLayne Lucks didn't behave like a woman who'd won a free toaster, much less a Lotto jackpot.

He had stopped the Pit Boss as the stocky man had turned in mid-step to return to Kostner and the jackpot ted machine.

But the carnival of ambulance-chasing lawyers and senior citizens taking well-timed pratfalls in hope of hitting a different kind of jackpot really annoyed Shane.

At first I thought she was holding out for a really big jackpot or nest-egg or superannuation scheme.

I checked again -- jackpot -- systems analyst for the German government.

I mean to say, tent caterpillars and influenza don't do us any good, Meade, if statistics mean anything, this tired old planet hasn't seen a jackpot like this since Eve went into the apple business.