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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Zed \Zed\, n. [F., probably through It. zeta, fr. L. zeta. See Zeta.] The letter Z; -- called also zee, and formerly izzard. ``Zed, thou unnecessary letter!''

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

old name for "Z," 1738, a variant of zed.


n. (context Scotland English) The letter Z; zed.


n. the 26th letter of the Roman alphabet; "the British call Z zed and the Scots call it ezed but Americans call it zee"; "he doesn't know A from izzard" [syn: Z, zee, zed, ezed]


Izzard may refer to:

Izzard (fanzine)

Izzard was a science fiction fanzine edited by Patrick Nielsen Hayden and Teresa Nielsen Hayden. It was nominated for the Hugo Award in 1984. Contributors included Terry Carr, Steve Stiles, Greg Benford, Ted White, Greg Pickersgill, Avedon Carol, Dave Langford, Stu Shiffman, Taral Wayne, Ray Nelson and Alexis Gilliland.

Usage examples of "izzard".

If Izzard demanded that much, it would damage the circuits after half an hour of heating.

With lightning rapidity Izzard searched through her small memory unit of proper names.

When Izzard was completed, she might be able to diagnose her own ailment.

Nearly a million men were engaged in preparing Izzard for her many tasks.

For Izzard, when completed, would map out the course of the entire invasion, keep running inventories of all pertinent events, and make strategic changes when necessary!

He had forgotten that Izzard was really only a machine, that she might not be motivated to warn him of serious consequences.

Then he scratched his head, shrugged, and turned to look across the street, where his machine had pushed its nose into the red-brick side wall of the Bank of Izzard and now shook and clattered as if in panic at finding itself masterless.

The bet that he could drive from Whitetufts to Izzard in daylight with nothing to drink but the especially bitter white liquor they were drinking at the time.

And, stuck out here in the desert, Izzard would naturally fare a little worse than the average new town.

Then he got up and went to the Bank of Izzard, drew out the money he had there, put it carefully in his pocket, and returned to his hotel room to lie across the bed again.

Between them they became agents of half the insurance companies in the country, and they began to plaster Izzard with policies.

Where they had left Izzard, a monstrous bonfire was burning, painting the sky with jewelled radiance.

When you look at Blake, listen to Bach, read Douglas Adams or watch Eddie Izzard perform, you feel you are perhaps the only person in the world who really gets them.

He also knew they had all been investigated from A to Izzard before the flight, and had been almost continually during the several months since.

Izzard with photoelectric eyes so that the analyzer could see inside the vault.