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The Izana creation myth is an Incan Tribe Myth.

In the beginning there were only humans on earth. These humans had possessed God like powers. The humans continued to grow and cover the earth until it was almost destroyed. The elder humans decided that the earth could not go on supporting them so they decided to end their race and give birth to another life.

The elders began to turn the people into the forests, animals, birds and everything else on the earth. The elders, once completed, turned themselves too, into the elements, earth, fire, water, sky.

However some of the humans didn’t want to be turned so they hid until the elders disappeared. Unfortunately without the elders the rebels lost their powers and became mortal, and so began the cycle of human life again.

The rebels became the first humans of the earth and eventually re-covered the earth, they believe that in the afterlife, If they had led an honest, just life they would become one of the elements, but if not they would return to hell as punishment, return to earth.