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n. A form of sexual reproduction involving gametes of similar morphology.


n. (biology) reproduction by the union or fusion of games of the same size and structure


Isogamy is a form of sexual reproduction that involves gametes of similar morphology (similar shape and size), differing in general only in allele expression in one or more mating-type regions. Because both gametes look alike, they cannot be classified as " male" or " female." Instead, organisms undergoing isogamy are said to have different mating types, most commonly noted as "+" and "−" strains, although in some species there are more than two mating types (designated by numbers or letters). Fertilization occurs when gametes of two different mating types fuse to form a zygote.

Usage examples of "isogamy".

In the system known as isogamy the individuals are not distinguishable into two sexes.