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n. (plural of islet English)

Usage examples of "islets".

Ponape and Lele, of Kusaie, of Ruk and Hogolu, and a score of other islets there?

Just as the Azores are believed to be the last high peaks of Atlantis, so hints came to me steadily that Ponape and Lele and their basalt bulwarked islets were the last points of the slowly sunken western land clinging still to the sunlight, and had been the last refuge and sacred places of the rulers of that race which had lost their immemorial home under the rising waters of the Pacific.

On the shores and on the islets, strutted wild ducks, pelicans, water-hens, red-beaks, philedons, furnished with a tongue like a brush, and one or two specimens of the splendid menura, the tail of which expands gracefully like a lyre.

We can clearly see why all the inhabitants of an archipelago, though specifically distinct on the several islets, should be closely related to each other, and likewise be related, but less closely, to those of the nearest continent or other source whence immigrants were probably derived.

On the islets of the little Madeira group there are many insects which are characterized as varieties in Mr.

Some of the silty islets stayed in place several years, long enough for small trees to send down tenuous roots, only to be washed away at the vicissitude of seasonal flood or eroding seepage.

If Earthmen Marines were on any of the islets he could see, he should be able to discern at least a few of the telltale hollows their invisible bodies made in the grass.

All the grass on the islets and the reeds on their fringes were gone, leaving only a residue of ash.

Highlanders were the reason the Golden Dragon had made landfall here, one of the hundreds of uninhabited islets dotting the Inner Sea.

Over the centuries, prudent captains had landed goats on most of the islets with a modicum of vegetation and pools to collect rainwater.

Whatever had happened, there was no trace of him below us or on any of the islets within our range of vision.

Hundreds of barges wove among low islets, down crocodile channels, and toward a broad central island.

Small islets rose here and there from the muck, piles of offal in a latrine, and from peak to peak ran a network of bridges.

The islets below were not empty, each garrisoned with a small contingent.

From each of the secondary islets a single shining spire shot skyward.