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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ At the back he eroded the once rectangular lawn into undulating islets of herbaceous beds and fruit trees.
▪ Grabbing an islet would be the next step, said Tim Ding, a sociologist and opinion poll researcher for Gallup.
▪ However, this generalization is evidently unwarranted since activation has been reported in rat pancreatic islet cells { 101, 115 }.
▪ In 1951, some nesting burrows, occupied, were found on islets near Castle Roads.
▪ On the far side of the islet the rocks plunged precipitously away into a mesmeric blind indigo.
▪ Røst is actually a small group of islets rather than a single island, and a haven for birds in the spring.
▪ They moored in the evenings to various of the islets which dotted the river.
▪ Tumors of the islet cells lead to severe hypoglycemia.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Islet \Is"let\, n. [OF. islette (cf. F. [^i]lot), dim. of isle.] A little island.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1530s, from Middle French islette (Modern French îlette), diminutive of isle (see isle).


n. A small island.


n. a small island [syn: isle]


An islet is a very small island.

Islet (band)

Islet are a Psychedelic pop band from Wales.

Usage examples of "islet".

Opposite the islet, the beach consisted first of sand, covered with black stones, which were now appearing little by little above the retreating tide.

I may be believed when I assert that Desolation Islands is the only suitable name for this group of three hundred isles or islets in the midst of the vast expanse of ocean, which is constantly disturbed by austral storms.

The rocky coast was peopled by little islets, many of them simply clumps of weedy rock beaten by the tides and wind, and many with lighthouses atop them.

He had come to fetch the doubloon, but it was not so easy as he had thought it would be when he was standing on the islet with the others only a few yards away.

When, a little over a decade later, Bayliss and Starling worked out the concept of a hormone, it seemed very likely that the islets of Langerhans were ductless glands producing a hormone and that lack of this hormone brought on diabetes mellitus.

Ere dawn, the Danes and Armoricans found a tiny islet barely large enow to boast a cove in which three galleys could lie hidden.

It took more than half an hour to cross from the islet to the land, and he reached the shore several hundred feet from the place which was opposite to the point from which he had started.

I also know that the fumeroles and hot springs that made our islet warm and fertile had to stem from similar forces.

A very large something protruding from behind one of the rocky islets, something vaguely goldish in color and enormous in size and roundish in shape, though no one could give a name to it.

Cyrus Harding observed them attentively, and without making known his idea, he announced to his companions that very soon they would pay a visit to the islet.

As it was useless to burden themselves with the weight of both the animals, Neb and Pencroft resolved to skin them on the spot, while Cyrus Harding and the reporter continued to explore the islet.

Cyrus Harding, during breakfast, which Neb had hastened to prepare, as the reporter, Herbert, and Pencroft were dying of hunger, heard in detail all the incidents which had marked the voyage of exploration to the islet.

In a few moments Harding and Herbert on one side, the reporter and Neb on the other, had disappeared behind the rocks, and five minutes later Ayrton and Pencroft, having without difficulty crossed the channel, disembarked on the islet and concealed themselves in the clefts of its eastern shore.

However, it was soon evident to Cyrus Harding, on observing the direction followed by the boat, that they would not attempt to penetrate into the channel, but would land on the islet.

Carried on by the current, it shot through the channel with the rapidity of an arrow, passed before Harding and Herbert, who, not thinking it within range, withheld their fire, then, rounding the northern point of the islet with the two remaining oars, they pulled towards the brig.