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irregular warfare

n. 1 warfare in which one or more combatants are irregulars (such as partisans, guerrillas or insurgents) rather than regular military forces. 2 # (context in particular English) Warfare with the aim of gaining or establishing political authority using asymmetric warfare tactics.

Irregular warfare

Irregular warfare is warfare in which one or more combatants are irregular military rather than regular forces. Guerrilla warfare is a form of irregular warfare, and so is asymmetric warfare.

The overuse of the term 'warfare' in contemporary military terminology to describe both a specific type of engagement and the type of forces participating in it can lead to false conclusions. A guerrilla unit that is made of commandos is a regular unit conducting asymmetric warfare whereas an irregular band of fighters can engage combat in a tactical infantry firefight if well led and well equipped, fighting like a conventional unit.

Irregular warfare favors indirect and asymmetric warfare approaches, though it may employ the full range of military and other capabilities, in order to erode the adversary’s power, influence, and will. It is inherently a protracted struggle that will test the resolve of a state and its strategic partners. Concepts associated with irregular warfare are older than the term itself.

Usage examples of "irregular warfare".

Sneak attacks, irregular warfare, and unexpected and unheralded tactics were generally frowned on as violations of the rules.

He drank it in with stern approval, saying I surely had fine experience of irregular warfare.

Unlike most of the Romans, he knew the other side of irregular warfare.

They know every nook, crag and cranny and they are past masters of irregular warfare, so even two or three will cost you heavily if you let them take you unaware.

Eighteen months in Crete had developed in him an unerring sense for assessing a man's capacity for survival in the peculiar kind of irregular warfare in which he himself bad been so long engaged.

In this irregular warfare, we sometimes revelled in luxuries, and at others were nearly starved.

The idea that warfare, irregular warfare at any rate, could be based on something other than parade-ground drill.