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n. (plural of combatant English)

Usage examples of "combatants".

The combatants of the Bourg-Labbe barricades are ankle-deep in mud on account of the rain.

Charpentier went there, and brought back the fowling-powder and the cartridges, but distributed them to the combatants on the barricades whom he met on the way.

Those combatants marines, army gunners, medics, and helicopter pilots did their duty in spite of being puzzled and came away forever changed, feeling they achieved almost nothing except the devastation of a once beautiful landscape.

Biscarrat recruited forty combatants on the way, amongst whom was Moulin, head of the association of leather-dressers.

After the taking of the barricade, where Pierre Tissie was killed, seventy or eighty combatants had retired in good order by the Rue Saint Sauveur.

They, the combatants of this fateful hour, knew nothing of what was being done.

They were, as we have said, about sixty combatants, and not a hundred, as the Magnan report has stated.

Seven or eight combatants whose bodies reached above the barricade, which had been made hastily and was too low were hit.

When the assault began the night was densely dark, and the three combatants escaped.

He was one of the most daring combatants of the Rue Pagevin, a friend of Lecomte the younger.

Amongst these 336 victims were a large number of the combatants of the Rue Pagevin and the Rue Rambuteau, of the Rue Neuve Saint Eustache and the Porte Saint Denis.

There was a gloomy vanishing of all the combatants for Right and for Law.

Civilian casualties in the 500,000-3,000,000 range in all major combatants except the Draka and U.

The air was so heavy and thick with powder that the torches gave but a feeble light, and the combatants were well nigh stifled by the fumes of sulphur, yet in the galleries which met men fought night and day without intermission.