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The Collaborative International Dictionary
iron hat

Gossan \Gos"san\, n. (Geol.) Decomposed rock, usually reddish or ferruginous (owing to oxidized pyrites), forming the upper part of a metallic vein. Called also iron hat.

iron hat

iron hat \i"ron hat`\, n. (Geol., Mineral.) Same as gossan.

Usage examples of "iron hat".

That course doesn't come straight from Earth-or from Iron Hat, either.

Some of them he could keep in mind-- Terranova, the Twin Worlds (well, he'd been there, and at Penfoyle Gate and Hardnose), Iron Hat the mining world, Far Corner, Franklins Jump-and some he couldn't remember.

I had no trouble picturing her galloping across the sky on a stormy night, wearing an iron hat with horns, scattering ravens while harvesting the fallen heroes.

The colony got a big lift some years back when a ship Escaped with a cargo of frozen sperm and ova-and the artificial wombs to gestate them-intended to grow cheap labor for UET's mines on Iron Hat.