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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Phatagin \Phat"a*gin\, n. [Cf. Gr. ?; perhaps from native name.] (Zo["o]l.) The long-tailed pangolin ( Manis tetradactyla); -- called also ipi.


n. The long-tailed pangolin (''Manis tetradactyla'').


IPI or ipi may refer to:

Ipi (vizier)

Ipi was an Ancient Egyptian vizier of the early Middle Kingdom. His only secure attestation known today is his Theban Tomb (TT315) (MMA 516).The tomb was found in the rocks of Deir el-Bahari overlooking the funerary complex of Mentuhotep II. It consisted of a great courtyard, a corridor, a chapel and a burial chamber. The corridor and chapel were found undecorated and only the burial chamber had painted decorations, religious texts and the titles and name of Ipi on its walls. The burial chamber housed a sarcophagus, sunk into the floor.

The courtyard in front of Ipi's tomb comprised the burial of the servant Meseh, where the Heqanakht papyri were discovered. In another chamber were found about sixty vessels and an embalming table, presumably for the mummy of Ipi.

The datation of Ipi's lifetime is disputed, but he most likely lived during the early Twelfth Dynasty.

Usage examples of "ipi".

This native came rushing one day to warn him that an Ipi was being summoned to tear down the white house that was troubling the spirits, brick by brick.