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n. Any of a group of passerine birds, of the family ''Aegithinidae'', found in India and other parts of Asia

For the international organization, see Indian Ocean Rim Association For the Australian Aboriginal people of the Sydney region, see Eora

The ioras (Aegithinidae) are a small family of four passerine bird species found in India and southeast Asia. They are one of only three bird families that are entirely endemic to the Indomalayan ecozone. They were formerly grouped with the other two of those groups, the leafbirds and fairy-bluebirds, in Irenidae.

Usage examples of "iora".

Even if Beytek had discovered the deception and ordered them executed-or worse, put a price on their heads for the Ku to claim-all the members of the Iora had determined that the risk was a worthy one.

A famous smile was on his scaly face and he waved and nodded languorously, as if the powerful, honored Iora were nothing more than a crowd at a celebratory parade.

If the Emperor has done all that you say, then let's expose him to the Iora and let him be tried in a court of Lhiaarian law.

I have spoken with the leader of the Emperor's elite advisory council, Xanarit, and have arranged to have a private meeting with the Iora and Beytek.

We have to work around the Tribute schedule, but Xanarit-to whom I have yet said nothing about the content of the discussion-has assured me that I will have a few moments alone with the Iora and Beytek.

The Emperor is no longer fit to lead, and as the head of the Iora, I must shoulder his responsibilities.

Beytek's actions, taken without consulting the Iora, shamed the whole Empire.