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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
invisible exports (=services that are exported, such as banking or insurance, rather than a product)
▪ The City of London is important to the invisible exports of this country.
invisible ink
invisible to the naked eye
▪ Through his telescope he could see millions of stars that were invisible to the naked eye.
▪ He was nearing her, his face almost invisible because the light was behind him.
▪ Glover waited and then saw the man standing just inside the screen, almost invisible.
▪ A stream of laser light, almost invisible in the near-vacuum, played across the creature's head and glistening body.
▪ Outside the almost invisible windows, Earth and stars marched in a silent procession.
▪ Above the village, almost invisible against the velvet shroud of the night sky, something huge silently blotted out the stars.
▪ Galindo was left on the fringe of the sport, almost invisible.
▪ The entrance to the Dark Cave is almost invisible but the chamber inside is large.
▪ Against their huge bulk, the pilgrims and mule toiling up the almost invisible pathways are tiny and humbled.
▪ So long as a tiger stands still or moves slowly, its stripes make it practically invisible in the jungle or among reeds.
▪ Thereafter their history remains virtually invisible for a hundred million years.
▪ They are attached to the speaker's clothing and are virtually invisible on shot.
▪ The ring is virtually invisible around the central cornea which is the critical area for clear vision.
▪ Soon they may be virtually invisible except for a discreet beacon.
▪ Because of its thin design and attractive white finish it's virtually invisible when the radiator is in place.
▪ It will be quiet, manoeuvrable, virtually invisible to radar and capable of supersonic flight without the use of afterburners.
▪ If she fixed her focus with enough concentration she could envisage the invisible barrier.
▪ Yet there was Orr, gliding along as if shielded by an invisible barrier as the Hawks sleep-skated sheeplike in his wake.
▪ They work by forming an invisible barrier to prevent water loss.
▪ Just as death leads to the invisible body, so does birth.
▪ The true medium is the artist, who opens the way for whatever needs to emerge from the invisible body.
▪ Works of imagination make visible the invisible body.
▪ Trade gap narrows despite cut in invisible earnings.
▪ On this basis, Britain was the world's biggest generator of invisible earnings, and has probably remained so this year.
▪ Such earnings are little appreciated outside the specialist areas of business such as finance and insurance which directly contribute to invisible earnings.
▪ This has been undesirable, but not of critical importance because our income from invisible exports has made good the difference.
▪ There were probably invisible exports too: exports of technical skill and artistry, exports of medicine and magic.
▪ Not until higher prices translate into higher profits for private owners will enterprises respond appropriately to the bidding of the invisible hand.
▪ The invisible hand influences what prod-ucts will be produced and at what price.
▪ It had shaken her to see her own first name being written like that by an invisible hand.
▪ Similarly, the invisible hand of the market establishes value.
▪ Once again, I must stress that I do not see a great male conspiracy behind this, nor invisible hands guiding it.
▪ That invisible hand was coevolutionary life.
▪ Imagine holding out your leg and feeling it with your invisible hand while being unable actually to see it.
▪ The invisible hand was tempted to show Tom its middle finger.
▪ A newly created invisible ink makes the animals disappear with the heat of your body.
▪ Vietcong couriers slipped into Saigon to pick up his reports, which he wrote in invisible ink made from starch.
▪ Fine, almost invisible lines covered the whole surface, as if the sphere were netted by the frailest of spiders' webs.
▪ A drifting cloud disappeared against some invisible line and began to emerge in another part of the sky altogether.
▪ In dOing 80, he had crossed an invisible line that separated the white and black beaches.
▪ She felt as though an invisible line through her backbone held her upright.
▪ The invisible lines, which traced the patterns of their existence, merged into one.
▪ Bobbie exhorted, as we sat staring at the invisible line that stretched beyond us.
▪ Platt was the invisible man - he did nothing - hah!
▪ He was now an invisible man, a lethal specter.
▪ By halftime, it was 44-31, with Barkley scoring just two points and Coimbra playing the invisible man.
▪ He found that in such a place present was near to past and visible near to the invisible world.
▪ The bird travels to the invisible worlds above, and the snake slithers into the mysteries below ground.
Invisible Man
The Invisible Man
▪ He nodded toward the distant ship. invisible in the darkness.
▪ The gas is invisible but highly dangerous.
▪ The space probe can photograph parts of the electronic spectrum that are invisible to the naked eye.
▪ Word Perfect uses invisible codes for many different functions.
▪ Criminology, like crime control, tends to focus on males and marginalise females or render them invisible.
▪ I stand up and begin to look for the invisible rung.
▪ In fact, some of the most exciting transport architectures are invisible.
▪ The pull of the invisible creature grew stronger.
▪ Then he straightened and dusted invisible grains of dirt from the knees of his coveralls.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Invisible \In*vis"i*ble\, n.

  1. An invisible person or thing; specifically, God, the Supreme Being.

  2. A Rosicrucian; -- so called because avoiding declaration of his craft. [Obs.]

  3. (Eccl. Hist.) One of those (as in the 16th century) who denied the visibility of the church.


Invisible \In*vis"i*ble\, a. [F. invisible, L. invisibilis. See In- not, and Visible.]

  1. Incapable of being seen; not perceptible by vision; not visible. Specifically:

    1. Not visible due to an inherent property, such as lack of color; as, the invisible air; invisible ink;

    2. hidden from view; out of sight;

    3. Not perceptible due to lack of light;

    4. Too small or too distant to be perceived; as, people on the ground invisible at cruising altitude.

      To us invisible, or dimly seen In these thy lowest works.

  2. Hidden from the public; as, invisible transactions.

  3. imperceptible to the mind; as, differences invisible to most observers.

    Invisible bird (Zo["o]l.), a small, shy singing bird ( Myadestes sibilons), of St. Vincent Islands.

    Invisible green, a very dark shade of green, approaching to black, and liable to be mistaken for it.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

mid-14c., from Old French invisible (13c.), from Latin invisibilis "unseen, invisible," from in- "not" (see in- (1)) + visibilis (see visible). As a noun, "things invisible," from 1640s. Invisible Man is from H.G. Wells's novel (1897). Related: Invisibly.


a. Unable to be seen; out of sight; not visible.

  1. adj. impossible or nearly impossible to see; imperceptible by the eye; "the invisible man"; "invisible rays"; "an invisible hinge"; "invisible mending" [syn: unseeable] [ant: visible]

  2. not prominent or readily noticeable; "he pushed the string through an inconspicuous hole"; "the invisible man" [syn: inconspicuous] [ant: conspicuous]

Invisible (Jaded Era song)

"Invisible" is a song written by Kira Leyden and Jeff Andrea, members of the Ohio-based unsigned alternative rock/ pop band Jaded Era, and recorded for the band's second album, Invisible (2003). It was covered by pop rock singer Ashlee Simpson for the re-release of her second album, I Am Me, and was released as the album's third single in 2006.

Andrea wrote the song's riff when he was seventeen years old and recorded it on a cassette tape, while Leyden said she wrote its lyrics on her hands during a lonely day at college; after completing the song together, they commented "There was always something special about it". Leyden has frequently said "everyone has felt completely invisible once in their lifetime, and sometimes it's just you against the world", and that the song's lyrics paralleled the band's status as independent and unsigned. Leyden and Andrea have also called it "the cornerstone for this band and where we come from", and it was produced by Tim Patalan.

The music video for Jaded Era's version of "Invisible" was directed by Dave Greene and members of the band, and produced on a US$300 budget. It comprises footage of the band performing the song intercut with black-and-white clips of a homeless man, a bullied school student, a hitch-hiker and a drug addict.

Invisible (disambiguation)

Invisibility is the state of an object that cannot be seen.

Invisible may also refer to:

Invisible (Clay Aiken song)
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Invisible (Anthrax song)
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Invisible (Dio song)
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Invisible (Lillix song)
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Invisible (Hautman novel)

Invisible is a novel by Pete Hautman detailing a 17-year-old boy's battle with his inner demons/ mental illness and his descent into insanity. It won the 2006 Wisconsin Library Association Children's Book Award. The American Library Association's Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) named it as one of the best books for young adults of 2006.

Invisible (La Ley album)

Invisible is La Ley's fourth album. It is often considered their best record, and is their second best selling album. The album reunites La Ley again with Rodrigo Aboitiz and invites a new member, Pedro Furgone, after the death of founder Andres Bobe. The album begins the dark era of La Ley. It was also La Ley's first album to have a song completely in French ("Deuxième Fois").

The album contains the number one hits "El Duelo", "Día Cero", and "Cielo Market".

Invisible (Tilt song)

"Invisible" is a song by English electronic music group Tilt, which reached the UK top 20 charts when released in 1999. The song was co-written by Dominique Atkins, from Grace fame, who also provided the vocals.

Invisible (Nightingale album)

Invisible is the fifth full-length studio album by the Swedish progressive/ AOR metal/ rock band Nightingale. The track "Still Alive" is the end of the Breathing Shadow story. The rest of this album is not a concept/story album.

Invisible (Edyta album)

Invisible is the third studio album and second international album by Polish singer Edyta Górniak, known as "Edyta". It was released in Poland under the title Perła.

Invisible was dedicated to US-American singers Aaliyah and Selena.

Invisible (Alison Moyet song)

"Invisible" is a song recorded by Alison Moyet in 1984, written by Lamont Dozier (of the songwriting team Holland–Dozier–Holland), from her album Alf.

Reaching #21 on the UK Singles Chart, the song went as high as #6 in Ireland, and gave Moyet her third Irish top 10 hit of the year. The single went even higher in New Zealand, peaking at #4, her second consecutive top ten hit after " All Cried Out" reached #6. The song is also the first American release from the album and is Moyet's most successful single in that country, reaching #31 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the spring of 1985 and becoming her only US Top 40 hit, either solo or with Yazoo, thus far.

There are two versions of the music video for the song. In the first version, Moyet is seen at a party surrounded by friends, all of whom appear to have partners of various forms. She walks into another room to perform the song. Moyet is often seen singing alone outside, or in what appears to be a cupboard. There are also many cutaways to where Moyet walks through the party unnoticed (hence, she is invisible). The video ends with her drinking a glass of wine and lost in thought. The second version of the video mostly features Moyet performing the song and omits many of the party scenes. It concludes with Moyet walking out of the room and into a white light. In both videos, there are moments when the camera pans on what seems to be a silver rhombus with the letter 'i' in the middle.

The lyrics are about being in love with someone who continues to cheat and lie, despite proclaiming their 'invisible' love for her.

The b-side was the Marvin Gaye song " Hitch Hike" on which she receives backing from Darts.

Invisible (Auster novel)

Invisible is a novel by Paul Auster published in 2009 by Henry Holt and Company. The book is divided into four parts, telling a continuous story but each section told in a different voice and by several different authors.

Invisible (band)

Invisible was an Argentine band formed by Luis Alberto Spinetta following the breakup of Pescado Rabioso in 1973. The original lineup of the band was completed by Carlos "Machi" Rufino (bass, backing vocals) and Héctor "Pomo" Lorenzo (drums), both of whom conformed Pappo's Blues' rhythm section at the time. From 1976 until their breakup a year later, the band expanded into a quartet with the inclusion of guitarist Tomás Gubitsch.

Invisible (2011 film)

Invisible is a 2011 Israeli film directed by Michal Aviad. It premiered at the 61st Berlin International Film Festival in February 2011 where it won the Prize of the Ecumenical Jury. The film is based on a series of rapes that occurred in Tel Aviv during 1977–1978. Testimonies of the original victims are interlaced into the film.

Invisible (Skylar Grey song)

"Invisible" is the debut single by American recording artist Skylar Grey. It was officially first released on iTunes on August 9, 2011. She performed the track along with various other songs on her upcoming studio album at The Glass House on July 31, 2011, and the song earned placement in the official trailer for the Madonna-directed film W./E..

Invisible (EP)

Invisible is an EP from Philadelphia's Paint It Black. It was released by No Idea Records on April 2, 2013. It was the band's first release since 2009's Surrender.

Invisible (U2 song)

"Invisible" is a song by Irish rock band U2. Unveiled in a Super Bowl XLVIII commercial, it was available as a free digital download through the iTunes Store from 2–3 February 2014. Bank of America gave $1 for each download of the track to (RED), an organisation co-founded by Bono, to fight AIDS. Since 4 February, it has been available as a paid download, with all the proceeds also going to (RED). The song was later included as a hidden track on the deluxe edition of the group's 2014 studio album Songs of Innocence.

The electro-tinged rock anthem was met with generally favourable reviews from music critics. The song has also charted in several countries, and topped the Billboard Adult Alternative Songs chart in the United States. A music video for the song was directed by Mark Romanek and released on 11 February 2014.

Invisible (Hunter Hayes song)

"Invisible" is a song recorded by American country music artist Hunter Hayes for his second studio album, Storyline (2014). Hayes co-wrote the song in a collaboration with Bonnie Baker and Katrina Elam, while the production was handled by Hayes and Dann Huff. The song was debuted at the 2014 Grammy Awards on January 26, 2014, and was released to digital retailers the same day.

Invisible (2015 film)

Invisible is a 2015 Philippine drama film directed by Lawrence Fajardo. It was screened in the Contemporary World Cinema section of the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival.

Invisible (Patterson novel)

Invisible is a stand-alone novel written by Patterson and David Ellis.

Invisible (Leeland album)

Invisible is the fifth studio album by Leeland. Bethel Music released the album on July 22, 2016.

Usage examples of "invisible".

The invisible wall of heavy atoms had even reached as far as Abadan, Iran-some 780 miles from the blast zone.

The artillery attempted to unlimber and to bring their guns to bear again, but the confusion that prevailed in the crowded spot rendered this next to impossible, and long before it could be accomplished the iron hail again swept through the ranks, and two rattling volleys from their invisible foes behind the flanking abattis again flashed out.

Each in my world, it seemed, carried about with him a bubble of space, a perimeter, a wall, an invisible shield, an unconsciously acculturated, socially sanctioned remoteness, a barrier decreed by convention and conditioning.

She shoved the feather-light, nearly invisible aerogel container across the bar.

Then he exchanged a few words in Greek with an invisible gentleman called Aesculapius, and turned to the Wart.

It was cut into a gently rising slope of grass, and critics had complained that it was antiheroic and nearly invisible.

Taking on her own form, but invisible to both of them, she reached over her shoulder to select an arrow, whipping it forward and fitting it to her bow, aiming it at Anubis, and firing, all in less than a second.

As Lady Appleton began to speak, introducing herself to her new neighbors and explaining that she wished to hire servants and purchase foodstuffs, Jennet sensed invisible barriers going up, dense as any stone wall and just as impervious to sweet reason.

Carpenter, with his identification plaque strapped to the palm of his open upraised hand for easy display to every laser scanner he met along the way, went from level to level, up one and down the next, following the portentous instructions of invisible metallic voices, until at last he came to the waterfront itself, ashimmer in a bright green haze of midday heat.

In her leggings and jerkin of faded leather, and her dark green hooded shirt, Askari was virtually invisible in the deep undergrowth.

But what if they had said, We are not going to spoil our fine churches by sticking props all around them, and had resorted to concealed bedplates and invisible rods of iron, would their structures have been better or nobler or more enduring?

Once they were almost surprised by a police patrol car, equipped with blacklight and almost invisible, but the Fader sensed it in time and they crouched behind a low wall which separated the adjacent field from the road.

Procyon is receding into the distance now, the blueshift mutated into red, and the white dwarf of my hopes is again invisible against the glare of its primary.

Fear had clamped around my neck like an invisible bonesetter, so I tried to focus on the men and the reason we were trying to kill ourselves.

They let us smell phosgene, bromobenzyl, cyanide, chloroacetophenone, and various other invisible poisons with equally ominous names.