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mental illness

n. 1 (context uncountable English) The property of being mentally ill; mental disorders taken as a whole. 2 (context countable English) A mental disorder.

mental illness

n. any disease of the mind; the psychological state of someone who has emotional or behavioral problems serious enough to require psychiatric intervention [syn: mental disease, psychopathy] [ant: mental health]

Usage examples of "mental illness".

And so the cult further enforced existing aberrative factors in the society, since all their activity was leveled at making sex something ogreish44 and dreadful by labeling it the society's primary source of mental illness.

Melancholy13 was the only mental illness these tales consider and laughter was its only cure.

We are now convinced that mental illness in its seemingly infinite variety is made up of a series of highly discrete disorders that have their own characteristics, their own symptoms and signs, such that they can be recognized and diagnosed as independent entities with specific treatments.

Nothing else in his background suggests a propensity toward the type of savage violence we see in these crimes, and despite the mental illness, he seems too organized and “.

In the same way, it is in the hospital's approach to mental illness that its limitations as a curative institution, treating already established disease, are today most striking.

Recard had told her that one should never be ashamed of having suffered through a mental illness and should never hesitate to seek help out of some misplaced embarrassment.

If mental illness is just brain chemistry, doesn't this unravel our efforts to keep a grasp on reality or to be responsible for our actions?

Well, even her lifelong best friend might wonder if the agoraphobia, while not itself a form of madness, was a precursor to genuine mental illness.

Extreme mental agitation and confusion, possibly related to preexisting alcoholism, drug abuse, mental illness or some combination of all three.