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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ I didn’t want to interrupt her flow, so I said nothing.
▪ The tannoy interrupts again, pulling me out of my reverie and making my heart pound; it's my call.
▪ The service was interrupted again on 17 September.
▪ Neither father had taken or requested an extended paternity leave that would interrupt his career.
▪ Jesse Helms, Summa, 37, has interrupted her career as a lawyer to raise her three young children.
▪ It was only then that she was aware of Nicandra standing silent in the doorway, unwilling to interrupt a conversation.
▪ Remember here that some people do not like seeing you write down their words for it interrupts their flow of thought.
▪ To avoid interrupting the flow of the main text, occasional bits of parenthetical material appear as footnotes.
▪ At least it interrupts the flow of retired vice- marshalls.
▪ He then organized a team of five employees who revised the proposal and several other documents-without interrupting the regular work flow.
▪ Do this as a separate routine after writing if you are concerned not to interrupt the flow of composition.
▪ There are some folks who believe the two two-minute intermissions unnecessarily interrupted the flow of the film.
▪ I had to interrupt her flow of catastrophes to suggest that we try to understand what was going on beneath the surface.
▪ The pads can be inserted into an undergravel set up as a gravel tidy without interrupting the free flow of water.
▪ He interrupted with his own questions, as if to assist the defense.
▪ I suspect that the couscous made me ramble, but he listened with absolute intentness, interrupting only to ask questions.
▪ His blind musing was interrupted by the sound of footsteps on the companionway.
▪ Her reverie is interrupted by the sound of hooves on the long white road winding towards the house.
▪ We were interrupted by the distant sound of the gate intercom.
▪ Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of heavy footsteps and loud barking.
▪ It was interrupted by sounds of scrabbling from upstairs.
▪ Mr. Eadie I did not interrupt the speech by the hon. Member for Gordon.
▪ General Hospital interrupted the speech more than a dozen times.
▪ President Richard von Weizsacker was hit and forced to interrupt a speech while order was restored.
▪ No applause interrupted the speech, and only brief, half-hearted, clapping was heard at the end.
▪ James attended school sporadically, interrupting his studies to earn money doing factory and agricultural work periodically.
▪ I've interrupted your train of thought.
▪ Not even the Divine Sarah, apparently, could be allowed to interrupt his train of thought.
▪ Remember here that some people do not like seeing you write down their words for it interrupts their flow of thought.
▪ She wanted to follow up her advantage, but it was best not to interrupt his thoughts.
▪ They were allowed to speak to each other in low voices but never to interrupt an adult.
Voice over Iris's voice interrupts: It's the brain ... dying.
▪ For example, Dickens is fond of parenthetical constructions which allow the generalizing authorial voice to interrupt the narrative flow.
▪ A new voice has interrupted and is howling slogans like a revivalist preacher.
▪ He said he'd been wanting to ring me all day but didn't want to interrupt my work.
▪ He then organized a team of five employees who revised the proposal and several other documents-without interrupting the regular work flow.
▪ My chefs are preparing dinner and we are interrupting their work.
▪ He interrupts her work to ask about things he should be learning in his own time.
▪ Suppose one of your subordinates keeps telephoning you for advice and help several times a day thus interrupting your work.
▪ The toasts the daughters had prepared kept getting interrupted.
I hate to ask/interrupt/disturb etc
▪ Martin I hate to disturb you when you're cooking the books, but there's a delivery.
pardon me for interrupting/asking/saying
Pardon me for asking, but where did you buy your shoes?
▪ Can I interrupt for a second?
▪ Don't interrupt - I haven't finished yet.
▪ He apologised for interrupting her speech.
▪ I'm sorry I interrupted you.
▪ I'm sorry to interrupt your meeting, but may I speak with Michael for a moment?
▪ I wish you wouldn't interrupt all the time.
▪ Sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt you.
▪ Train service was interrupted for about ten minutes.
▪ While I was giving my report, some guy in the back kept interrupting me every two minutes.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Interrupt \In`ter*rupt"\, p. a. [L. interruptus, p. p.] Broken; interrupted. [Obs.]


Interrupt \In`ter*rupt"\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Interrupted; p. pr. & vb. n. Interrupting.] [L. interruptus, p. p. of interrumpere to interrupt; inter between + rumpere to break. See Rupture.]

  1. To break into, or between; to stop, or hinder by breaking in upon the course or progress of; to interfere with the current or motion of; to cause a temporary cessation of; as, to interrupt the remarks of anyone speaking.

    Do not interrupt me in my course.

  2. To divide; to separate; to break the monotony of; as, the evenness of the road was not interrupted by a single hill.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1400, "to interfere with a legal right," from Latin interruptus, past participle of interrumpere "break apart, break off," from inter- "between" (see inter-) + rumpere "to break" (see rupture (n.), and compare corrupt). Meaning "to break into (a speech, etc.)" is early 15c. Related: Interrupted; interrupting.


1957, originally in computers, from interupt (v.).


n. (context computing English) An event that causes a computer to temporarily cease what it was doing and attend to a condition vb. To disturb or halt an ongoing process or action by interfere suddenly.

  1. v. make a break in; "We interrupt the program for the following messages" [syn: disrupt, break up, cut off]

  2. destroy the peace or tranquility of; "Don't interrupt me when I'm reading" [syn: disturb]

  3. interfere in someone else's activity; "Please don't interrupt me while I'm on the phone" [syn: disrupt]

  4. terminate; "She interrupted her pregnancy"; "break a lucky streak"; "break the cycle of poverty" [syn: break]


In system programming, an interrupt is a signal to the processor emitted by hardware or software indicating an event that needs immediate attention. An interrupt alerts the processor to a high-priority condition requiring the interruption of the current code the processor is executing. The processor responds by suspending its current activities, saving its state, and executing a function called an interrupt handler (or an interrupt service routine, ISR) to deal with the event. This interruption is temporary, and, after the interrupt handler finishes, the processor resumes normal activities. There are two types of interrupts: hardware interrupts and software interrupts.

Hardware interrupts are used by devices to communicate that they require attention from the operating system. Internally, hardware interrupts are implemented using electronic alerting signals that are sent to the processor from an external device, which is either a part of the computer itself, such as a disk controller, or an external peripheral. For example, pressing a key on the keyboard or moving the mouse triggers hardware interrupts that cause the processor to read the keystroke or mouse position. Unlike the software type (described below), hardware interrupts are asynchronous and can occur in the middle of instruction execution, requiring additional care in programming. The act of initiating a hardware interrupt is referred to as an interrupt request (IRQ).

A software interrupt is caused either by an exceptional condition in the processor itself, or a special instruction in the instruction set which causes an interrupt when it is executed. The former is often called a trap or exception and is used for errors or events occurring during program execution that are exceptional enough that they cannot be handled within the program itself. For example, a divide-by-zero exception will be thrown if the processor's arithmetic logic unit is commanded to divide a number by zero as this instruction is in error and impossible. The operating system will catch this exception, and can choose to abort the instruction. Software interrupt instructions can also function similarly to subroutine calls and be used for a variety of purposes, such as to request services from device drivers, like interrupts sent to and from a disk controller to request reading or writing of data to and from the disk.

Each interrupt has its own interrupt handler. The number of hardware interrupts is limited by the number of interrupt request (IRQ) lines to the processor, but there may be hundreds of different software interrupts. Interrupts are a commonly used technique for computer multitasking, especially in real-time computing. Such a system is said to be interrupt-driven.

Usage examples of "interrupt".

Interrupted suddenly, they looked toward the doorway before Abram could answer.

Tom interrupted to remark that Wings Dedham had a considerable reputation in experimental radio and electrical aids to flying.

He was interrupted by a heaving shock that made the underground dome dwelling shake like a light airboat in turbulence.

It was their intention to have proceeded farther that day, but their progress was interrupted by an affair between their Albanian guard and the primate of the village.

He kept on talking until Andi interrupted, claiming a need to move on.

Someone interrupted my satisfaction by grabbing me, so I slammed a foot into his head, then drove my other heel back into his face.

She had undone two buttons and the bandana belt around her waist when Ryder interrupted.

It went on that way, each sentence interrupted by cheers and applause, as Baraka told how the men had found out plans for a sneak Israeli attack on Lobynia with atomic pistols, and they set out deep into the heartland of Israel, even into Tel Aviv, and foiled the plan and laid much of that city waste before they were finally overwhelmed by the entire Israeli army.

Hugh seemed half annoyed at being interrupted all the time but half pleased that Barong was coming out of his shell.

I was going to ask him at Basrah and they interrupted us and I forgot?

Edward at Basrah when Mrs Clayton had interrupted by calling them in for drinks.

Fragments of Sanskrit and Bengali interrupted clear passages and crawled up the margins.

The silence was interrupted only by a chirping cricket somewhere in the distant brush, and the disciple remembered the hours he had spent in a similar posture listening for the footsteps of the Baptist returning from his solitude to the Bethabara cave.

He found Kelford there, and the billiard fiend proposed that they resume the interrupted game of the night before.

Hearing the clatter of billiard balls, Weston hurried into the adjoining room to interrupt those experts Cranston and Kelford, in the middle of a match.