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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Interleaf \In"ter*leaf`\, n.; pl. Interleaves. [See Interleave.] A leaf inserted between other leaves; a blank leaf inserted, as in a book.


n. 1 A leaf, often of tissue paper or other thin paper, inserted between the pages of a book to protect illustrations. 2 A sheet of paper or cardboard, placed between layers on a pallet to create a cohesive structure. vb. ''Same as'' '''interleave'''

  1. n. a blank leaf inserted between the leaves of a book

  2. [also: interleaves (pl)]


Founded in 1981, Interleaf was a company that created computer software products for the technical publishing creation and distribution process. Its initial product was the first commercial document processor that integrated text and graphics editing, producing WYSIWYG ("what you see is what you get") output at near-typeset quality. It also had early products in the document management, electronic publishing, and Web publishing spaces. Interleaf's "Active Documents" functionality, integrated into its text and graphics editing products in the early 1990s, was the first to give document creators programmatic access (via LISP) to virtually all of the document's elements, structures, and software capabilities.

Broadvision acquired Interleaf in January 2000. The latest version of the publishing software (i.e. TPS) is called QuickSilver.

Interleaf's headquarters was in Cambridge, Massachusetts and later moved to Waltham, Massachusetts.

Usage examples of "interleaf".

Now suppose I make a perfect shuffle—divide the pack into equal parts and interleaf the cards one by one.

Over on the right a computer printout station was making a subdued roar as the interleaf printout sheets came folding down into the bin.

One small envelope with a stiffener to prevent bending, with glassine interleafs for the mint copies, you can walk around with a half million dollars.