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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
interactive whiteboard
▪ It gives a view of the Earth based on satellite data and photographs, interactive computers and audio-visual systems.
▪ In technical terms, the index employs an uncontrolled, post-coordinate, simple, natural language in an online interactive computer mode.
▪ The locations of peaks in the amplitude histograms were determined visually, making use of an interactive computer routine.
▪ In reality the service is more likely to concentrate on delivering wall-to-wall feature films, interactive games and e-shopping.
▪ Movie on-demand represented in this scenario is very similar in technology and characteristics to interactive games.
▪ The network will provide video-on-demand, interactive games, full-motion video, distance learning, personal communications and data network services.
▪ Besides anticipating the popularity of interactive games, the two had a knack for designing them.
▪ Clearly, this must be the case so long as it remains the only easily available platform for interactive multimedia.
▪ Interactive marketing is accomplished in electronic markets via interactive multimedia catalogs that give the same look and feel as a shopping channel.
▪ What has this to do with interactive multimedia?
▪ Television is truly a broadcast medium; however, interactive multimedia is anything but that.
▪ Why are the 1990s likely to be years of expanding use of interactive multimedia?
▪ This system allows for maximum flexibility, including interactive multimedia connections that allow each consumer to choose his or her own programs.
▪ This does not condemn interactive multimedia to death, but it does suggest a slower-than-expected scenario for widespread adoption.
▪ The interactive nature of marriage means that such actions can have escalating effects.
▪ The interactive nature of external events, and your emotional and physical reactions to them, can make work toxic.
▪ Keep in mind the interactive nature of workplace stress.
▪ Terminal Response Times Response times for interactive processes will be monitored periodically during production by manual measurements from the terminal.
▪ Forms make Web browsing an interactive process for the user and the provider.
▪ Taken to its natural conclusion, the stages of pattern recognition and lexical checking could become interactive processes.
▪ I also strongly advocate an interactive process, with extensive employee involvement.
▪ Hence perception is fundamentally an interactive process.
▪ There are several possible interactive processes to explain these findings.
▪ Also it is more difficult to provide interactive services because the trunk lines become cluttered with return signals from each branch.
▪ Each service may consist of one or more channels, video on-demand, or two-way interactive service.
▪ None the less, several very successful businessmen are convinced that the public will gobble up interactive services if they are made available.
▪ Tentative proposals for research towards highly interactive systems which adapt themselves to individual users and uses were put forward in 1984.
▪ The box is largely a slave to the central computers of the interactive system.
▪ Human-Machine Interfaces Natural language is the most convenient method for communicating with interactive systems.
▪ The people most likely to use interactive systems may be the same ones most attracted to computers.
▪ The stronger argument is a functional one, that brains do not respond to damage like typical interactive systems.
▪ However, in contrast to teletext, the viewdata system is available only to subscribers and is an interactive system.
▪ An interactive system enables users to interrogate the database and to supply information, as well as drawing from it.
▪ Nordstrom is working on an interactive television system in which customers will talk directly with a salesperson via their television set.
▪ Many of the technologies are being transferred from interactive television, a much-hyped offering that has not materialized.
▪ A Chilton poll of 1000 adults found 63 percent at least somewhat interested in interactive television services.
▪ A second analysis program for interactive use was written to provide cost estimates.
▪ In reality, what is being funded is not interactive video but a solution to an urgent educational problem.
▪ An interactive video explains the significance of the symbols and the logic of their arrangement along vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines.
▪ However effective interactive video is in training, it is this kind of tenfold cost saving that is its most influential argument.
▪ So far, for example, interactive video has hardly received enough evaluation to determine what its effect on education actually is.
▪ In addition, customers will be able to conduct electronic information searches, complete financial transactions or choose interactive video services.
▪ For example, consider an application involving an interactive video system.
▪ However, even if its impact has been modest, interactive video has at least helped to establish the effectiveness of multimedia.
▪ Although we can not properly analyse the fortunes of the interactive video industry here, we can at least summarise.
▪ an interactive education package for 7-10 year olds
▪ an interactive software program
▪ Our school encourages interactive teaching methods.
▪ The museum features interactive exhibits.
▪ When designing your site, think about whether it needs to be interactive or informational.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1832, from interact, probably on model of active. Related: Interactivity.


a. 1 Acting with each other. 2 (context computer science English) Responding to the user. n. A feature (as in a museum) that can be interacted with.

  1. adj. used especially of drugs or muscles that work together so the total effect is greater than the sum of the two (or more) [syn: synergistic] [ant: antagonistic]

  2. capable of acting on or influencing each other [syn: interactional]

Interactive (band)

Interactive is a German electronic music group, founded in 1990. They are best known for their 1992 single "Who is Elvis" which reached No. 12 in Germany, and for their 1994 cover version of Alphaville's, " Forever Young", which reached No. 7 in Germany, also making the top 20 in several other countries. Interactive released two studio albums, Intercollection in 1991 and Touché in 1995. Their last released work was the 1998 single Fanatic. In 2002, Kosmonova remixed their version of Forever Young, which became a minor hit in the UK.

Interactive (disambiguation)

Interactive is defined as:

1. Acting with each other, two interactive systems; 2. (computer science) Responding to the user, interactive user interface

Interactive, may refer to:

  • Interactivity
  • Interactive (band), an electronic music group
  • IAC/InterActiveCorp, an Internet company
  • Interactive Systems Corporation (ISC), a defunct software company
  • Interactive television

Usage examples of "interactive".

The interactive Zone Training programs automatically adjust resistance to keep you in your target heart-rate zone for optimal fat-burning or cardiovascular conditioning.

Het Masteen stood at the locus of a circle of organic control diskeys -- displays from the fiber-optic nerves running throughout the ship, holo displays from onboard, astern, and ahead of the treeship, a communicator nexus to put him in touch with the Templars standing duty with the ergs, in the singularity containment core, at the drive roots, and elsewhere, and the central holo-simulacrum of the treeship itself, which he could touch with his long fingers to call up interactives or change headings.

Bigu Maku than sushi, lived their lives at the Hyperspeed of the interactive video games to which they were addicted.

Wendy could see that he was goofing on the self-images he was realtime mixing into the ceaseless global interactive multiuser stunglasses Show.

The Interactive Building Directory showed me a tall, cadaverously slender man with dark hair so thin that when he combed it from right to left over his scalp it could have been deciphered by a barcode reader.

We move, as McLuhan says, into a space that has become audile-tactile instead of visual: interactive, simultaneous, heterogeneous, discontinuous, multidirectional, diversely textured.

Interactive multimedia, cable-phone alliances, the Information Superhighway, fiber- to-the-curb, laptops and palmtops, the explosive growth of cellular and the Internet -- the earth trembles visibly.

Online ads will be no more than interactive renditions of their offline facsimiles.

Advertising agencies will be able to co-produce ad campaigns in a real time interactive mode.

I'm a web of filaments so fine you cannot see, a juggle of electrocurrents, an interdigitated field of biomolecules and interactive membranes.

The womb into which each egg goes is bioplasmed and contractile, the whole environment closely duplicating a specific natural pregnancy which has served Reseune for forty-nine years: it replicates all the movements, the sounds, the chemical states, and the interactive cycles of a living womb.

Matter, during that period, was re-analyzed and found to be not tiny hard billiard ball-like particles whizzing through space carrying spin and electric charge, but that there was another level, a lower layer, and that other level, that other description, revealed an interactive wave system where individual points of concrescence are merely statistical rather than real, everything dissolves into a kind of soup of multi-leveled, multi-dimensional connectedness, and this is what the psychedelic experience is.

Crane could understand why many people purchased interactive versions of their dreamgirls and dreamboys.

Ancient, canopied stalls were brought in for the eighty-three cardinals who would be present in the flesh while holographic projectors and interactive datumplane connections were set in place for the cardinals who would vote by proxy.

Thus the simple might makes right ape formula was to become a more interactive society, with a leader governing not merely by physical strength, but by the consent of the governed, or at least the support of other males.