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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Children under 2 years of age are fully covered by the insurance when travelling with an insured person.
▪ The plaintiff was remunerated by a commission calculated by reference to the premium paid by the insured persons introduced by him.
▪ Infants under 2 at time of departure are covered without cost when travelling with an insured person. 2.
▪ A person can insure against death within a specified period, the policy paying nothing if the insured survives.
▪ It is to protect the insured against liability for the accidental death or injury to some one other than his employee.
▪ Organisations' insured costs were taken to be the cost of insurance premiums covering the period of study.
▪ The insured had made a claim against the insurers.
▪ The majority of insured unemployed were subject to the means test and there was naturally widespread resentment of this.
▪ The thing was insured, he knew that - well insured.
▪ These days, you just can't get insured at all if you're young and a biker in certain areas.
▪ They include the high intensity services delivered to insured patients - especially, but not exclusively, patients aged over 65.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Insurant \In*sur"ant\, n. The person insured, called also the insured.

  1. Covered by an insurance policy. n. A person covered by an insurance policy. v

  2. (en-past of: insure)

  1. adj. covered by insurance; "an insured risk"; "all members of the film cast and crew are insured" [ant: uninsured]

  2. n. a person whose interests are protected by an insurance policy; a person who contracts for an insurance policy that indemnifies him against loss of property or life or health etc. [syn: insured person]


Usage examples of "insured".

Moreover, whenever complicated experiments are in progress, so careful an observer as Gartner would have castrated his hybrids, and this would have insured in each generation a cross with the pollen from a distinct flower, either from the same plant or from another plant of the same hybrid nature.

Sapor, who encompassed the camp with superior numbers, patiently waited till the increasing rage of famine and pestilence had insured his victory.

Notwithstanding the elevation of Boone, which insured a pure air, the thermometer that afternoon stood at from 85 to 89 deg. The flies enjoyed it.

The deregulation of the savings and loan banks begun in the Carter administration had continued under Reagan, leading to risky investments which drained the assets of the banks, leaving them owing billions of dollars to depositors, which the government had insured.

These masterpieces exist from many periods and in many languages, and they all have qualities in common which have insured their persistence.

But it was in vain that I spoke in the most forcible manner, in vain that I went to work myself, and shewed that safety was only to be insured by active means, I could not prevent the priest declaring that I was an Atheist, and he managed to rouse against me the anger of the greatest part of the crew.

I have not insured the cargo, so as not diminish my profits, which will be considerable if I succeed.

Our folks will insure all creation for half nothin', but I never heerd tell of a country being insured agin rich men.

In the billfold he found thirty-six dollars, a Visa charge card and a plastic-encased social security card both made out to Bill Johnson, and a receipt for an insured package.

The virtue claimed for that piece of parchment by the man who had sold it to me was that it insured its lucky possessor the love of all women, but I trust my readers will do me the justice to believe that I had no faith whatever in amorous philtres, talismans, or amulets of any kind: I had purchased it only for a joke.

The mock assaults that were made upon me put me in a good humour, and Calsabigi said that my idea had insured me an income of a hundred thousand francs a year, though it would ruin the other receivers.

With the assistance, however, of the imperial tablet or passport with which they were provided, and which commanded respect and insured them accommodation in all the places through which they passed, they made their way homewards, and at the end of three years reached the port of Giazza, or Ayas, in Lesser Armenia.

All his available assets were the two thousand pounds for which his life was insured, and which were left equally between his beloved “.

And thus the government, its salary being insured, withdraws into the back shop, taking the Constitution with it, and bestows most of its labor on repairing that.

Dear Insured, We are sorry but your policy will not pay for your barium enema as it was done for recreational purposes.