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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ One way to instil confidence is to start with a positive attitude and this starts the moment you step up to the ball.
▪ He couldn't instil enough confidence into her, that was the trouble.
▪ How will he instil confidence in the market so that investment in manufacturing industry can really start again?
▪ To instil such fear that total domination and obedience is guaranteed.
▪ Much power is exercised by instilling fear in people and keeping them afraid.
▪ She instilled tremendous enthusiasm into all her students.
▪ We aim to teach the children discipline and instil a sense of duty.
▪ We have tried to instil good manners in our children from an early age.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Instill \In*still"\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Instilled; p. pr. & vb. n. Instilling.] [L. instillare, instillatum; pref. in- in + stillare to drop, fr. stilla a drop: cf. F. instiller. See Distill.] [Written also instil.]

  1. To drop in; to pour in drop by drop.

    That starlight dews All silently their tears of love instill.

  2. Specifically: To infuse (knowledge or attitudes) into the mind of another, slowly or gradually; to impart gradually; to cause to be imbibed.

    How hast thou instilled Thy malice into thousands.

    Syn: To infuse; impart; inspire; implant; inculcate; insinuate.


instil \instil\ v. t. same as instill.

Syn: instill.


vb. (alternative spelling of instill English)


v. enter drop by drop; "instill medication into my eye" [syn: instill]


To instil or instill is to slowly but firmly establish something.

It can also refer to:

  • Instillation abortion, a method of induced abortion
  • USS Instill (AM-252), an American minesweeper

Usage examples of "instil".

Similarly, the CIA instructors in the OPS training programs in the United States and Panama played a major role in instilling a counterinsurgent orientation among foreign police.

Like most captains, Diu was tall for a human, with craggy features and an easy charm meant to instill trust in their human passengers.

The fear instilled by this training was so overwhelming, in fact, that the dogs could only be worked for short periods of time.

Group to another in order that the dogs will become familiar with several persons and instill confidence and mutual respect between man and dog: enabling the dog to again become rehabilitated for return to normal civilian life.

I spent probably twenty minutes with Energise, and he instilled in me some very strange ideas.

Several tubes ran from his arms, some to instill the icing solution, some to drain it off in a constant recirculation of the hypothermic solution.

Was it merely spite at some kind of residual Catharism that led to this crucial trial, or was it a symptom of the fear that Languedocian women instilled in the sex-obsessed Inquisitors?

The only thing the terrorists could have done to instill greater fear in Manhattanites would have been to release a list of rent-controlled apartments.

Parallel to this, and once photoactive chemicals were found, others tried to find a way to instill motion some other way.

Public executions involved drowning the offender in pools of gray water, a prospect that instilled more fear in the Scabs than any other threat of death.

I saw her every day and always in silence till the fatal mark had disappeared, but during these mad visits the poison of desire was so instilled into my veins that if she had known my state of mind she might have despoiled me of all I possessed for a single favour.

Together they instil disquiet and suspicion into the mind of Elsa as she is about to enter the minster to be married.

Territorials, but his attempts to intellectualise the Greek warrior spirit and instill it in his men cut against the grain of an army that saw itself strictly in terms of a peacekeeping force.

All sorts of dedicated teachers appeared to do their best to instill knowledge in adolescent heads.

Lenin had attempted to educate a leadership, to instil into the cadres of Bolshevism the basic ideas, method and programme of Marxism.