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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
Insteps frequently smash into elbows and need bandaging, but they can be protected by shin or instep pads.
▪ Bend right leg and bring foot back and up, holding toot around instep and gently pulling heel in towards right buttock.
▪ Forget about instep crampons or ones without forward facing points, which are only of interest to walkers.
▪ He arched his instep, admiring a blue vein.
▪ However, I would suggest that you subsequently attack employing the ball of the foot rather than the injured instep.
▪ Seated, she put out one foot like a dancer, instep curved forward.
▪ The bag was resting on my insteps.
▪ The hinge connecting the front and rear pieces sits under the instep and lessens the chance of failure due to the metal flexing.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Instep \In"step\, n. [Formerly also instop, instup.]

  1. The arched middle portion of the human foot next in front of the ankle joint.

  2. The part of a shoe, boot, or stocking covering the instep[1].

  3. That part of the hind leg of the horse and allied animals, between the hock, or ham, and the pastern joint.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

mid-15c., apparently from in + step, "though this hardly makes sense" [Weekley]. An Old English word for "instep" was fotwelm. Middle English also had a verb instep "to track, trace" (c.1400).


n. 1 (context anatomy English) The arched part of the top of the foot between the toes and the ankle. 2 A section of any footwear covering that part of the foot.

  1. n. the arch of the foot

  2. the part of a shoe or stocking that covers the instep

Usage examples of "instep".

One athletic young soldier caught the loose end of the string of one of my buskins, as it hung over my instep close to the ground and pulled himself up hand over hand, amid the enthusiastic cheers of his comrades.

Nature, a rush of shining black hair, which, shaken loose, would cloud her all round, like Godiva, from brow to instep!

Gerty which was unmistakably evidenced in her delicate hands and higharched instep.

She bought sandals too with pearl tassels on the insteps, and held a dress rehearsal that evening, and Wilkes, who was rather good with hair, made a complicated pile of curls on top of her head, while several friends offered a variety of evening wraps.

Thomas buckled the straps that fit under the Wellingtons insteps tight to ensure unwrinkled perfection over his muscular thighs.

Her ballet slippers had grown too tight for her swelling feet, and at long last Jenny Angustri appeared to have the perfect high instep that every ballerina ought to have.

She looked fluffy and frolicsome, dressed a la gamine, showed a generous amount of smooth leg, knew how to stress the white of a bare instep by the black of a velvet slipper, and pouted, and dimpled, and romped, and dirndled, and shook her short curly blond hair in the cutest and tritest fashion imaginable.

Of my disfiguring marks, only the double gash on my right instep where I had stepped on a bottle wading remained.

Her silky hair draped across him as she kissed his legs from thigh to foot, biting the backs of his knees, dancing her tongue across his instep, then working her way back up.

They wrapped around the slave's instep and leg, while the creature buried its tiny head into the ankle joint.

A bed slat leaning against the wall, and in one corner a woman's high button shoe, curled up at the toe and broken over the instep.

Then she dislocated his shoulder, kneed him in the groin as she twisted him around, broke his instep and drove a hammer blow into his upper neck as he bent over from the blow.

His tongue unerringly found the most sensitive spot on her instep, stroking it until she had to choke back moans of pleasure.

Jamie sat back on his heels and frowned at my foot, then picked a dead leaf off my instep.

She'd stepped on one of the tiny ones and it had detonated beneath her foot, making her instep very sore and damaging the living footwrap she wore.